Biweekly 21/4/21 - Agenda


This is the proposed agenda for our meeting on Wednesday.
If you have any specific points you want to discuss please add them next to your name below.

cc @ivan @bojanbobic

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Hei, I’m going to have to skip today’s meeting, mostly because there is really nothing new to report on or happening on the public facing side of POPREBEL which needs me,

The latest update is that no community managers are needed insofar as the ethnographers are still at work diving in - see our comments here:

Also, I am considering joining MoN POPREBEL challenge for a couple of hours or half a day max.

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Thanks Noemi. There were no major updates from the rest of the team either.

Some notes and action points:

  • Masters of Networks coming up, POPREBEL ethno team will participate as well
  • Conferences for both projects are in preparation, not much outreach but more preparation of materials and finding interesting people
  • admin clean up is in progress
  • TREASURE team composition to be discussed more during next biweekly, @nadia to think about the budget allocation by then and liase with @hugi
  • HE preparations: @marina to map also other pillars (health, food etc) and look for ‘less attractive’ calls with citizens engagement element
  • the date for the SSNA event is provisionally set for Thursday 13th of May at 14h. We agreed it is going to be more networking than seminar style event. @alberto to prepare short description of how it might look like content-wise, by mid-end next week so we have enough lead time to push it out.
  • in the meantime, everyone to think of potential people we could reach out to. Prepare a template e-mail expressing interest in HE calls but also inviting them to this event.
  • @matthias to publish his shortlist of climate calls.

If I forgot anything, please edit.

@johncoate @amelia @ivan


Should we coordinate a bit for the hackathon? Any word from Guy on setting up that instance for us @alberto? It would be good to have it set up a few days before.

@amelia, what’s the plan for “our” track?

Has anyone compiled a list of participants per track yet?

Understood, @nadia let me know when you have though this over.

I am now working on the POPREBEL track and Alberto is running the interpretation one. Would be super great if you could join us in the POPREBEL track @hugi. They have a lot of ideas about what kind of things they’d like to be able to do so we could use our Babel experience to trial some stuff out.

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Cool, I will! I actually have 3 panels that I’m addending during those days, so I will be dropping in and out, but I think the long format allows for that.

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