Biweekly 22/9/21 - Agenda

Hi all, this is our agenda for today:

If you have anything specific to discuss please edit the post.

Thank you @marina - the meeting is overlapping with GeoKarlsruhe2021 and the session to that I contribute.
best regards, Martin

My talk: GEoKarlsruheTalk_V.3-21Sep19.pdf (2.3 MB)

Same as Martin: have a meeting at 17.00 about PAPIER.

I will reach out to Richard and Jan (but not answer to the email as such).

Has there been any action on the call for commissioning short stories?

Hi, cant make it today as we are prepping for tomorrow’s test run of our NGI event with our french event partners.

Yes, four applications have come in for now. I am collecting them here

Five applications now