Biweekly 24/2 - Agenda

This is the proposed agenda for our meeting on Wednesday.
We can do a round of updates as usual for both projects and make sure we are aligned with moving forward, especially in POPREBEL. Please add any specific points you want to discuss under your name below.

@MariaEuler @ivan @bojanbobic @owen

I am being interviewed this Wednesday, so will not be able to make it.

A couple of action points after yesterday’s call:


  • defining the format/content/narrative/timeline for the final conference. @nadia Inform UCL about it and if it’s a separate event make sure it gets into the final GA amendment letter.
  • re-do some of the contracts after the final re-allocation agreement. @marina
  • @amelia & @noemi coordinate community management and ethno teams in accordance with the new strategy. Recruit new people April/May.


  • Masters of Networks event needs someone to take the lead. @MariaEuler will use the introduction text, produce tell form, coordinates with @alberto, involve Katja.

If I forgot any action item please add.

cc @johncoate @ivan @matthias