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A future-building event concept in which creates a dialogue between a creative element of imagining desirable and plausible alternatives (which ideal world could compete with the vision/narrative of ethnonationalist authoritarians) on one hand… and on the other, the current reality and what is to be learned from it (as identified by the research findings).

  • Track #1: Imagining desirable and plausible alternatives
    • Convey Czech, Polish and German participants into creating the districts within the worldbuilding exercise of the Project Witness, which contain creative, desirable and plausible alternatives to economic and social systems where they currently live.
    • This is done through a writing competition in the original language of the target countries.
  • Track #2: Understanding today (presenting and discussing research findings) - at researchers’ discretion.
  • Track #3: From here to there - discussion and co creation sessions bringing together elements from track 1 and track 2 to map out potential action plans or maps or policies to get from where people are, to where people want to go.

Date (tbc): April or May 2022

Format: Everything takes place online. Presentations (12 mins + 40 min discussion) // Fishbowls (participatory panels) // Small group discussions // Plenaries // debate.

Program Curation:

  • Track 1: 1 person per country/language, recruited by Edgeryders.
  • Track 2: Researchers provide the contents of this track
  • Track 3: Edgeryders core team

A conference website: The preparation, calls for participation, program, activities, and outputs of the Edgeryders side will all be available and accessible online on a dedicated new website.

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@Jan @Richard as discussed, find the concept idea for our strand of the final impact conference here. Let us know your thoughts and if anything related to the event format should be included in the amendment.

Track 1: How would X work/look like in Distrikt Y (that economic model)

Do you want to discuss this further? Not only in terms of what the conference will look like, but also in terms of the steps we need to take, starting early 2022, in order to make it happen.