Biweekly, 3/11/21 - Agenda

Hi all, this is our standard agenda for tomorrow’s biweekly:

Round of updates per team for:


  • NGI:

    • final event preparations

    • D10.2. and meeting on Thursday 4/11
    • upcoming kick-off meeting for the tasks T2.1. and T2.2. on 11/11

@alberto @nadia @johncoate @hugi @noemi @martin @matthias @amelia @ivan
If you have additional items for the agenda, please edit the post.

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I can’t make it this week, will read the updates!

Dear All - @marina: please excuse me for today. best regards, Martin
p.s. I plan to be in Brussels 30/11-5/12.

sres.2815.pdf (634.8 KB)

Dera All, @alberto - the attached file (Co-exploring relational heuristics for sustainability transitions towards more resilient and just Anthropocene futures) seems about some (generic) subjects within edgeryders sphere of curiosity. - best regards, Martin