Biweekly 4/11/20 - Agenda and notes


Hello team,

our next biweekly is on Wednesday. A lot is happening right now, so I suggest the following agenda:

  • team leaders’ updates concerning both projects, POPREBEL and NGI. 5-10 min. per team, including Q&A
  • RezNet progress on Green Deal Calls
  • defining action points
  • Event follow ups

Need to be there: @alberto @nadia @amelia @noemi @MariaEuler @johncoate @matthias @hugi @IvanC @bojanbobic

Everyone else welcome!

Feel free to add items on the agenda, it’s a wiki.

Also, accepting suggestions for the intro soundtrack :wink:


I can’t make this Wednesday – we go into full lockdown at midnight on Wednesday and I have a lot to take care of before it hits.

My updates:

  1. NGI - Coding is progressing and we have published another prelim analysis which I think everyone has seen. We are doing our first AMA on November 11 at 18:30 CET. For engagement, we want to invite specific people to join rather than a giant blast, because we need quality contributions / conversation over quantity of participants. So if you know anyone who would have interesting questions for Anton, please invite them!

  2. POPREBEL. We are going ahead with the plan to hire ethnographers and have received some high quality applications for the Czech position, as Jirka has been very active in engaging people. Radio silence from Jan for the last week or so, but Mania is keen for the job so that’s OK. For POPREBEL, we are working with @alberto to ask for some visualisations. Most importantly, a co-occurrence network for each language forum separately.

  3. Green Deal. @hugi and I were in attendance for call 10-2 with Climate KIC. I’ve been developing a proposal for the call with my colleague Flora and in discussion with Alberto and Hugi. From the call, no one seemed keen to lead, though possible people have just not spoken up. Hard to get a sense. Climate KIC said they would reconsider leading but need to speak internally, and would reach out to everyone with a map of the terrain for each call in terms of who was interested in what. I am uncertain of whether to reach out to people who contacted us to set up calls (Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research, British Red Cross, PUSH, and Circular Influence) or to wait for C-KIC’s summary. Would love @marina’s input. I could start gathering academic partners for the call if we were to try and lead it, but don’t want to take action until we have more internal clarity on whether continuing to develop this makes sense.


I think you ought to go ahead and have the calls with them @amelia - you can ask Bojan or Ivan for help with the coordination/scheduling. Who knows where Climate Kic will land.

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Soundtrack of the year.


This one because like 2020 no one understands what is happening but there are some good beats for mindless dancing:


Saw them many years ago in North Carolina. Was awesome :grin:

I also think you shouldn’t wait and just do the calls with potential partners explaining we are still looking for the consortium leader. Maybe they will have some ideas.

under “whether it makes sense” you mean just because we still didn’t identify the leader or for some other reasons?

In short and in writing, here are updates from the tech team side. Nothing actionable or very important for right now, so I didn’t mention this in the call when we were running short of time.

  • Tidy-up November. My November is dedicated to tidying up the Edgeryders tech stuff. I’m not calling for more work, but if you have some urgent tech or documentation issue that needs to be addressed, let me know and I’ll take it into account.

  • Software and budget troubles. We had some troubles with our software in the last few days, as usual. Both Open Ethnographer and Discourse. All under control right now, but I’ll have to find more resources for this in the medium term. For example, we’d need to switch to the more expensive strategy of working with automated software tests to keep the Open Ethnographer software more stable, as it is becoming too complex for manual testing after making changes. But we have completely run out of budget for Open Ethnographer, given that the tech side was underfunded in the current H2020 projects.

  • Graphryder reimplementation. The last status is this (from another topic):

    To get this moving again, @marina could you help us find the time for this, please? @hugi will be the the central person here, as he offered to facilitate / direct that meeting. He proposed that it should extend over two days.


Also, “what made me happy” didn’t fit into words, so here it goes … the countryside just out the door today, with a little bit of lighting edits :blush:


Agreed. And I would appreciate help with scheduling. I think we can work with a one day workshop, which should involve @amelia and chosen people from the ethno team, @alberto, and possibly @MariaEuler for community management implementation.


ok, here’s the doodle for a one day workshop (09-17h) with options for next week and the following one: Expired Group Poll - Create a New Poll or Contact the Owner

@hugi @matthias @alberto @amelia @katejsim @Leonie @MariaEuler

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I love this idea, think it’s completely needed, and absolutely want to participate, but I’d like to ask how crucial people feel it is to have it in the next two weeks. Between the Green New Deal calls, H2020 project work, and a big dissertation deadline, it’s going to be very difficult for me to find a full day in November.

If possible, I’d like to suggest we try to schedule this in the first week of December instead. This also gives us more time to prepare and do it right. Thoughts?

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An hour long call. Present @alberto, @bojanbobic, @hugi, @IvanC, @johncoate, @mariaeuler,@marina, @matthias, @nadia, @noemi, @wolha

The AMA format is being prepared.

@mariaeuler introduces the monthly meeting of the ethnographic team to exchange views on the topics of the day.

Two freelancers events with smaller audiences have produced quality content and a few leads to follow. They also fit well in the Remote work counselling platform.

To proceed with the follow ups on the events we need to work on two levels:

For outreach purposes:

  • A summary (and authorial) article with focus on a couple of interesting points.

  • An editorial meeting (with the copywriter’s presence) is scheduled for the day following the event to highlight and match the topics with the strategic objectives

  • The writer (if not present during the event) needs access to video and the transcript

  • There is a shared calendar in the outreach group for copywriting requests

For coding purposes:

  • A complete conversation is necessary
  • Who said what is important
  • The ethnographer software cannot code the two hours video and the transcript may be difficult to code – we need to organise a separate call on how to deal with this

Video publishing requires:

  • changing of the snippet in the consent form
  • creating the funnel to give access to videos only through previous registration on the platform

There is a research task force for NGI coming up – our attention is needed to shape the application for the MozFest together with DeLab.

Topics on the platform: we should arrange a meeting with coordinators for both projects and ethnographers to discuss the direction in which the discussions on the platform are going and align.

For POPREBEL: a conference is happening in February where Jan wants us to present the ethnographic research - @marina will inform @amelia.

Budget allocations – we should proceed as planned

@alberto is creating a system that works with Tulip to create on the fly semantic graphs based on Edgeryders data, posting it in the Github, with a specific branch for Poprebel.

The outreach strategy is driving new people to the discussions, but the content sometimes might be too far off the focus – requires a separate discussion with @amelia and Jan

Linkedin campaigns: concluding the work on numbers – very good response on CIC and Worldbuilding: 1 participant every 6 feedbacks received while Poprebel food event had a 1:8 result. Precision is necessary to address possible problems and / or methods to apply: better search words combination, language, number of contacts necessary to create the needed response.

The main objective is to bring new participants to engage on the platform. The passive advantage is that the Linkedin contact remains active and will be notified on the future events.

The final effort on the exploration of calls is necessary until the end of the following week.

  • The time to join a consortium is very short, necessary to define situations in particular with Climate-KIC via Thomas. In order to do properly our part of work: necessary to start defining it.

  • The exploration of the calls continues – follow the updates here.

  • The documentation is here.

  • The only call we may be leading is 10.2, @amelia and @marina are actively exploring possibilities.

  • While waiting for the info on Horizon Europe to be published, we need to decide how to proceed with the EU funding event.

18:00 The meeting is adjourned, a video registration will be kept for some time if necessary on the Zoom cloud.



@nadia in the meantime I had a chat with @amelia. She already holds regular biweekly meetings with ethnographers, POPREBEL is all covered as Jan and Richard are present in these. Notes are always published on the platform so the broader team can follow the decisions.

For NGI, we can propose NESTA to join one of these biweekly meetings too, community managers are always there as well. On the other hand, the review report just came in so the consortium metting will be organized to analyze it. It can also be an opportunity for discussion.

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Also update on this, as I wrote on Riot, the project officer needs to make approvals for budget shifts which is taking very long as the overlaps report (Fatigue-Poprebel) has still not been accepted. However, I explained to Silvia that this also means delays in activities and basically we cannot wait. For us, it’s the internal transfer (between budget categories) so it shouldn’t be that problematic. I’ll keep you informed.

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hello everyone, did we make a decision on this, is it happening or we are postponing as @amelia suggests? @alberto @hugi @matthias?

Yes, we will postpone it, and perhaps this is more suitable to do later in December when the projects will also slow down for the holidays?

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