Biweekly 8/9/21 - Agenda

Hi all, this is our agenda for today:

If you have anything specific to discuss please edit the post.

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Sorry for not attending, but I am still in Italy, and am taking no meetings after the struggles with the DG DIGIT meeting :man_facepalming:

Not many updates from my side.

  • POPREBEL: the ethnographers’ meeting was called off because Jan’s cellar got flooded by Ida – you probably have mentioned this.

  • NGI: trying to get my co-authors to get back on the paper, no luck so far, though I have made a new proposal and some checks.

  • TREASURE: nothing since submitting the first ethics deliverable.

  • NEE and SILKULAR: similar phase, we now need to plan activities and propose them to the coordinators. I also made myself available to contribute to the proposal texts. Not sure where the coordinators want this, at least for SILKULAR I think they are still putting the main pieces on the board.

  • PAPIRE is looking bad, because I need some extra academic input from the Italians, and neither Fabrizio, nor Salvatore, nor Lorenzo seem to be willing and able to stand with me. I will probably have to dismantle the whole thing. Shame.