Biweekly H2020 Projects Stand-up 04/03/19


Participants: @johncoate, @alberto, @noemi, @amelia, @matthias, @natalia_skoczylas, @marina

A few updates from the team:

  • John commented on the NGI consortium call that happened yesterday, which was a good opportunity for people to understand each other better - Katja provided some information on how EU commission views the work which is better conveyed in verbal conversation. Getting the partners more fully invested in being on the platform is still ongoing, but it is clear to them that having a core group is essential.

  • Amelia: how to frame the compensation part of the call? Leaving it vague is helpful for us but might not attract the candidates. The compensation will depend on how we want to divide the amount allocated to this in the budget. The plan would be to have four ethnographers, bilingual, able to cover four languages, possible to offer 14,4k. After agreeing on this, the call will be ready soon.

  • The POPREBEL platform is almost ready for launching, the community managers are finalizing the texts, waiting for green lights!

  • The calls for all trainings need to be put out this week.

  • Thematic concept for outreach and engagement which is working very well for POPREBEL, needs some fine tuning for NGI which is more expert oriented, in order to harmonize the themes. @johncoate and @nadia are having a call to discuss this on Wednesday.

  • Alberto: question about the consent funnel specifics ā€“ what happens with existing users and the funnel when the platform goes online? So far there is only one consent funnel and we will be able to identify new answers by date, but we should show the new questions to the people who sign up. This would mean erasing the old consent funnel data so that everybody is allowed to post again only once they answered the new consent funnel. Alberto will ask ethical advisors for about this. In the meantime, if it is not resolved until the launch of the platform, one sentence will be added explaining why this needs to be filled-in again (GDPR and change of policies).

  • Translating the consent funnel in other languages? It is possible by showing options in tabs and translating manually the questions and answers. Alberto, Natalia & others can help with translating in specific languages.

We have agreed to maintain the biweekly team meetings in March and decide in April whether to have them once a month, depending on the needs.

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