Biweekly H2020 Projects Stand-up 18/03/19


Participants: @alberto, @nadia, @johncoate, @amelia, @marina

Updates from the team:

  • Alberto has been working on new H2020 proposals, for the deadline 14/3 we have submitted two: “CYcle of Creativity: a Leading Open intellectual Property System for the European Union” (CYCLOPS) and a proposal in which the Culture Squad was involved “Arts Inspired Socio-Economic Transformation” (AI SET). For the 2/4 deadline we are still working on two SwafS citizens science projects.
    Alberto will participate at Nesta’s event 30 Years of the Web: where do we go next?, on Friday at the European Parliament.

  • John is mainly working on selecting people for the community management positions for NGI Forward – there are a couple of promising ones, starting Thursday and Friday together with @noemi he will start having conversations with them.

  • Amelia needs help pushing out the call for ethnographers which is the main goal for the moment – sharing on social media and reaching out to any academic European networks would be welcome.
    She is leaving for Krakow for the presentation and training for the POPREBEL crew. She’ll need to give people permission to do coding on platform during the trainings.

  • Matthias brought up the consent funnel compatibility question. No news yet from the ethical advisors. The decision should be made at least two days prior to the launch of the POPREBEL platform on 31st of March. Alberto will send reminders to them.

  • Nadia prepared the timeline and activities for outreach. Communication will happen through individual topics with rewards being announced there. The basic content is ready, now it is to check that all links work, that the budget corresponds and send to translation. She found a service that does good machine translation and then community managers can make edits if necessary.

  • How to make platform compelling? People will know they will be rewarded for high quality posts and they’ll get the opportunity to build their local events. With NGI, it is also about developing partnerships and proposals for funding. Is it possible to create a smooth interface on the platform which would be helpful with filling-in the forms and building a good application? Matt suggested the topic template which is the closest possible option in the discourse – possible to find it in category settings.

  • We want to encourage people to act as connectors, bring different topics together and give to those who do it a badge for connecting.
    Matt: The easiest is to create a badge which is awarded manually, when the software indicates a person made connections, the community manager can add a badge.

  • Badges will be linked to rewards. Is there a way to make it easier to monitor contributors (such as having an indicator) so that community managers get notifications about people connecting topics in a way that it makes people converse - based on the ability to generate edges (in the social network) around highly central ethnographic codes (in the semantic network)?

  • Lastly, short info about the POPREBEL final event (impact conference) – it is not going to be a large international event, but a distributed one with one global date and many local events happening in different places, connected by the shared agenda. Questions and suggestions are welcome.

@noemi @natalia_skoczylas feel free to share your updates here as well.


One suggestion, when it comes to Polish translation - could I do it, if we are to use machines? I’m working as a journalist for almost half of my life now, it feels a bit strange to delegate this task to a machine when I’ve been working with words for so long. I’d feel better if I could do the translations and we hire a proofreader to check on the English versions. What do you think?

esp @nadia

Also, could we have a dedicated call about the whole event design soon? We are supposed to hear back from the Visegrad caravan early this week, I hope this really happens so that we can check how to do the scouting for stories and Humans of Poland/Czech/Serbia come to existence, whether the tour proposed by the organisers sits well with our interests and if the scenario allows us to meet the people we want to meet, and finally - how our small events in all three countries sit together with the distributed final events?

Ping @noemi @nadia

Updates from me:

  1. Working to set up the Badges system

  2. Setting up Video calls weekly and getting the team of comm managers to understand how it will work. Serbia is really lagging behind, I’m chasing them but I am worried.
    Most of my platform work this spring will be to handhold so that we onboard everyone who joins the calls, that the documentation is right and the video calls are indeed an effective funnel.

  3. Preparing for events lined up where Edgeryders can take the opportunity to push out the POPREBEL calls + collect more stories:

  • 12-13 April - Nuove Pratiche Festival in Palermo, with NESTA Italia, panel + workshop; I would like to take the time to do some interviews with grassroots movements we meet. Do you guys think it makes sense? This is Western Europe, but I believe relevant.
  • 27 April - early May - TransEuropa Caravans mentioned by Natalia above. Workshops and street level engagement. We will need to be smart in how we piggyback on the Eur Alternatives comms there.
  • 6-8 May, re:Publica in Berlin - workshop.

@natalia_skoczylas @nadia : yes, let’s have a call about the event. In fact, it’s there where we are missing a lot of copy because we will need to decide.

So far, I put in the dates to give us arealistic timeline from now until December. Let me know if those are good? They wont make sense unless we stick to them and know those are the key activities we need to follow. The rest will be writing and pushing people, but the 3 of us need to agree.

I think Nadia said we want to use machine translation and then let humans (like you) edit / fix up that translation. That’s how I translate between German and English these days – it’s just faster than doing it all on your own. You should try it, I think it’s the future of translators :wink: There are even Internet based services that offer “human-edited machine translation” now.

How well this works of course depends on how far Google Translate is with that language pair.

If you want yes, but Natalia I am trying to keep the workload on each of us reasonable. NO BURN OUTS this project cycle. So unless you are 100% zen about being able to manage time and energywise then ok.

Yes, can you send a doodle proposal for times that suit you?

Noemi dont stress - if the serbian guys are slow maybe we schedule the sebian part of outreach later than the others? If the Serbian team does not deliver then we can find new people I am sure.

I have sent an invite, hope something fits :slight_smile: