Biweekly H2020 Projects Stand-up 18/2/19


Participants: @johncoate, @alberto, @nadia, @amelia, @noemi, @matthias, @natalia_skoczylas, @marina

During this call we have mostly discussed the issues related to the upcoming trainings for NGI and next steps:

  • 07-10 in Brussels, Ethnographic training will take place before the end of the week and Community Management after that.

  • Hashani is helping John get the partners on the platform

  • As there was no strong agreement on languages, even though the GA mentions multiple languages, we can make a decision on the basis of the need depending on how certain communities usually communicate. We can start in English and take it from there. What was indicated in the GA (number of languages and number of community managers) can be changed if it is well justified and makes sense for the project.

  • As Nadia suggested, we can consider having one language and topics in other languages (one category per page and different topics in other languages, so people can choose to which one they wish to contribute). In this way, we do not need to separate the fora ā€“ the discussions could be posts all under one category.

  • The call for participants ā€“ they should be bilingual. In this way we can create quite large recruitment pool and have an option to recruit depending on the needs for languages, without making promises and starting with English. To be considered: the participants should be highly competent and with particular skills; hiring less but paying more, to assure the quality and focus on diversity and people we want to bring in.

  • An option to consider: link trainings to engagement, but in this case they would be later. This would allow reaching out to the tech scene and build a network. The content might be split in pre-selection (online) and preparing for the work (offline) happening after recruitment.

  • Location Brussels ā€“ advantages: possible collaborations with different universities (from Belgium, but also the Netherlands and the UK).

Action points:

  • discuss with the partners @johncoate

  • check what communities talk in which languages and if there is an added value to having multiple languages @alberto

  • @johncoate will put up a core group

  • @amelia will prepare the call for ethnographers, rather general so on the basis of the applications received we will be able to decide if it needs refining

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