Biweekly H2020 Projects Stand-up 4/2/19 – minutes


Participants: @john, @noemi, @amelia, @nadia, @matthias, @marina
Here’s a short recap of our second informal biweekly meeting to discuss the updates related to Horizon2020 projects. @alberto, @hugi, @natalia_skoczylas feel free to add your thoughts.

  • Nadia shared with us the Engagement and Outreach strategy – it is going to be a shared strategy for both POPREBEL and NGI Forward. Separate discussions will overlap with technology. For example, in POPREBEL we will begin with picking up topics most relevant for the places we are focused on (such as spiritual and moral wellbeing), one topic at the time to shape the debate before the European elections. For this, a gantt chart needs to be put together – Nadia and Marina will work on this on Thursday.

  • The question was raised about what category / workspace exactly should be open in the case of POPREBEL due to the sensitivity of the subject and when to open it? A separate call will be scheduled to discuss this.

  • For NGI a different approach will be taken – brilliant practitioners doing great things in different fields will be recruited. They will help articulate the questions and bring people in. For example, the journalism will be looked at from the cross-border perspective which is very relevant for the European debate.

  • Community recruitment for NGI – a call for community managers should be advertised soon.

  • Language question for NGI – as during the meeting in London there was no strong agreement whether we should have multiple languages, a question was raised: should we use only English? Looking more closely at the Grant Agreement – it clearly states: “to involve as wide a net of European stakeholders as possible, we engage communities across four major European languages: English, the main language of the platform, German, Italian, French and Polish.” There is no specific mention about the ethnographic coding – is it necessary to have it in multiple languages? Can it be added later? English can be used to start the conversation and bring people in. When does the multilingualism become important?

Update about the ongoing proposals:

  • DT-GOVERNANCE-13-2019: Digitisation, Digital Single Market and European culture: new challenges for creativity, intellectual property rights and copyright – well advanced. The meeting of the partners will be held on the 15th of February – Marina will represent the Edgeryders (prepare the WP presentation and the strategy to negotiate the budget, next week with Alberto).

  • TRANSFORMATIONS-17-2019: Societal challenges in the arts – Noemi and the Culture Squad are working on this, advanced, but the leader is not yet identified…

  • SwafS 17&20: both ongoing.

  • Still trying to build a consortium for SU-GOVERNANCE-10-2019: Drivers and contexts of violent extremism in the broader MENA region and the Balkans & DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-11-2019: Collaborative approaches to cultural heritage for social cohesion…ideas about potential leaders out there are welcome.


Noted, thanks!

Hi @marina, hope this reaches you well and I believe you are the right person to help us with the following:

With @johncoate @amelia we could really use liaising with both projects partners to set up the remaining trainings - 2 for Ethnography (POPREBEL and NGI) and 1 for Comm Mgmt (remains in NGI). We all already agree on the beginning of April, Brussels. The proposal standing is for 4-10 April.

This should suit at least for the NGI trainings - easier to do them back to back. Also, it is a good target so we know we’ll recruit people by then for the NGI project.

The remaining poprebel ethno training would ideally be coupled with the ngi ethno, so maybe check with the partners if they could join then? and if they have budgeted allocated for this training.

Does this work for us all in Edgeryders? Is that a good plan Amelia, John?

One thing I remembered when I returned is that I have been called to jury duty on April 15. Since I already postponed it to go to London, I don’t think i can change that date again. So it all for me has to be before then.

Ok @noemi, so ethnography trainings for both POPREBEL and NGI would be from 4-10 April. I will check then with the both teams if they could join. The community management for NGI would also be at the same time?

POPREBEL ethnographic training was meant to be in Krakow after the Fatigue meeting, March 20-21. NGI forward ethnographic training could be in April, but we’d need the personnel first (as @noemi says!)

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I like the plan to have NGI training then, and I am looking forward to sitting in on the community management training :slight_smile:

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@johncoate from the NGI consortium meeting, do you remember any mention of the place where the trainings are expected to happen? Or can we move forward with Brussels?

I do not recall any. Indeed I mentioned to Alberto that since that is the case we should do them in Brussels.

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Yep Brussels has advantages. Easy to get to being onee.