Biweekly H2020 Projects Stand-up 7/1/19 – minutes


Participants: @anique.yael, @alberto, @noemi, @matthias, @natalia_skoczylas, @john, @nadia, @marina

This post was made as a wiki so feel free to contribute and make any modifications necessary.

From January 2019, two Horizon2020 projects: POPREBEL and NGI Forward begin. The first team get-together was held on 7th of January – an informal, short check-in. These will be organized every second Monday at 17:00 CET to enable the attendees to share relevant updates or ask any clarifications on these H2020 research projects as @anique.yael explained at the beginning of the meeting.

The following was shared:

  • @alberto addressed the project proposal for DT-GOVERNANCE-13-2019: Digitisation, Digital Single Market and European culture: new challenges for creativity, intellectual property rights and copyright. The proposal is ongoing, the work packages need to be negotiated, but the outline is ready. The concept note was written by Alberto. It is necessary to work on the budget to attach the price to each of the tasks. This can be done by cloning the already existing work budget template. @anique.yael will coordinate with @alberto on this.

  • @noemi has been working with @john on the London training and on getting the people on the platform. There will be 10 participants, not only direct community managers but also people from all partners. Jan (the principal investigator from the UCL – the driver and scientific lead) is the key person involved and very engaged. Richard (the head of the school at UCL) is mentoring Jan through the process and acting as the key support. The question was brought up on the stage of building the platform and the issue of dealing with multiple languages. The people are usually encouraged to use their own language, so the way of using the platform should be very clear (it shouldn’t be expected to have one-language portal).

  • @anique.yael explained that in terms of the launch it is not possible to go live until the first deliverable is approved (related to the ethics and impact plan) – it was clear in the agreement that the platform will be going live in the month 3 of the project. On the technical side @matthias said it is fast to setup, good to go basically. There will be one major change that affects the log in (related to the wide level platforms) which should be tested before going live. Regarding languages – we have to care about the multilingual coding.

  • @john pointed out community managers should have a decent knowledge of English but nevertheless, the language should not be an obstacle for everyone to fully engage in discussions. It was agreed that the questions on multiple language fora need to be addressed in the separate discussion since it is the task of community managers, so @noemi will tackle this with @john.

  • @anique.yael prepared the contracts for all the team leaders to review. Should there be any questions feel free to communicate with her in the form you feel most comfortable with.

  • @alberto introduced @marina - new hire in the research network. She will spend the first few months to learn, get you know you and be exposed to what we do. She will be in London next week.

  • London meetings: informal dinner will be held on Monday evening, the trainings on Thursday and Friday, and @john and @anique.yael will atted the NGI kick off the following Monday.

  • It will be necessary to log in expenses in the Free Agent - @matthias confirmed that it is possible to log in the expense without it being on paying waitlist: the expense can be put in but the reimbursement has to be requested only once you have receipts and once the kick off is done. @anique.yael will make a post about the kick off and link to @matthias.

  • @alberto has done a post about the presentations and asked for reviews and inputs –PROPREBEL needs to be done soon – one two slides, for this week.

  • @alberto, @anique.yael and @marina will catch up on the campaign for 2019 and look at various proposals today (8/1).


Two things were not discussed in the call, but we do need to keep them within line of sight:

  1. The EMIC proposal (SU-GOVERNANCE-10-2019). @nadia and I have been in touch with Bruce White during the holidays, as we worked on a concept note that now is ready. I find it very strong. For this week, @anique.yael and I should start pushing it out, looking to join a consortium in formation.

  2. @noemi has expressed interest for the *Societal challenges and the arts * topic (TRANSFORMATIONS-17-2019). That is clearly a great fit for the Culture Crew. During the holidays, I had a meet with Luís, and he agreed (enthusiastically) to partner up with us on that. He is expecting Edgeryders to lead on the concept, whereas he will do the heavy lifting on the consortium formation. We agreed a meeting would happen between him and Noemi about now, but I think that would benefit a lot from a 1.5 page concept note like the one produced for EMIC. Any updates there, No?


First pass at concept note done, but input welcome. Probably it should contain a science angle too, some examples from there so that ArtShare is fully confident in something like this.

Will you send it to Luis? I am back in Brussels and available to meet f2f starting Jan 22, but ideally skype before?

Thanks a lot to the research team for helping make the connection,


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Thank you @marina for documenting the call.

Indeed we are convening bi-weekly stand ups for the Edgeryders team to share updates, discuss relevant issues and make any clarifications. They will be hosted informally without a set agenda where attendees are invited to share when they are ready. For now as projects are yet to go public they are focused on the the team leaders and all team members have been given the zoom link for the meetings. For anyone else interested in joining please let us know so and why and we can arrange for it when the appropriate time comes.

I’m moving ahead on all actions flagged and particularly kick off meeting preparations and 2019 proposals. Confirming however that as discussed with you @alberto on many occasions, I will not be involved in the SU-GOVERNANCE-10-2019 proposal and have shared thoughts on how to tackle the consortium building.

Other 2019 proposals are moving ahead with @alberto @marina and myself working across them.