Blivande and The Reef in 2020: towards the new project

Calling @hugi

Good news: I can confirm that Blivande can be a partner in the 2020 project of The Reef, together with ER and Fondazione per l’Innovazione Urbana.

It can work in two ways. Here is what C-KIC has to say.

If you decided that you would like them to be a full consortium partner, they will need to register as a (currently) non-partner in Plaza, so that they are available in the system for you to select when you prepare the proposal. If the proposal is accepted, then their inclusion will be conditional to them becoming a CKIC Partner, i.e. going through the application process in order to onboard as soon as possible. Their partnership paperwork (specifically their FPA Annex 4 Accession Form) can be retroactively dated by up to 4 months earlier (i.e. if their application is submitted to EIT at the end of April, their eligibility start date could be as early as 1st Jan), so there should be no delay in the project starting while waiting for their partnership application to be finalised.

If they do become a full partner, then the they would of course be subject to the standard ‘rules’ in terms of the EIT grant process (co-funding/maximum EIT reimbursement rate, etc).

If you instead opt for them to become a subcontractor on the project, then they must not be an ‘affiliated entity’ of either Edgeryders or Fondazione per l’Innovazione Urbana (i.e. in a control relationship with either org – presumably the MOU legal link is fine, but I’d be happy to look at it just to be sure). They would not be formally required to provide project co-funding in the same way as a partner, however in lieu of co-funding they could instead provide what we refer to as ‘in kind contributions’, whereby they contribute to the project with their own resources: staff, venues, equipment, consulting, etc. These in-kind contributions should be set out at proposal stage.

Hugi is on both boards – I don’t know if this constitutes a problem. I have asked them the question. However, it seems cleaner if Blivande were a partner of C-KIC, and a full partner in the proposal. What do people think?


Great news.

I would have to look into this. You did it already? It’s nothing excessive right?

I think that if it’s not too much work, I will put in the time to make Blivande full partners to Climate KIC. This would be good for us anyway.

Remind me, if the proposal is accepted, when will the project run?

Yes, we did it… but it was Noemi who took care of it. As I recall it, nothing horrible, just a bit of bureaucracy.

It costs 500 EUR per year.

If the proposal is accepted, we will run all through 2020, Jan-Dec.

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Ok, we’re up for it. It makes sense. If we all agree, direct me to the plaza.

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