Blivande tour for Wirtschaft & Werte

Today, Blivande is being highlighted today by the German federal government’s initiative on culture and creativity. During the Wirtschaft & Werte congress, Blivande is one of three featured locations around Europe that are presented through a digital tour. We are honored to be chosen by Kompetenzzentrum Kultur- & Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes to represent “Zukunftsfähige Wirkung” - Future-oriented and sustainable impact (I think that’s the right translation?).

We made this “digital tour” for them, and it works pretty well to explain the concept as a whole.

This was made at lightning speed, so it’s not at all perfect. No scripts, it’s all improvised, and it was all put together collaboratively. A good point of reference for future video productions.


Just a small note: Event footage is obviously archive footage, events are pretty much shut down now. However, mask use is exceedingly rare here, as public health authorities in Sweden have not recommended them. I just wanted to make that note to offset any discomfort you might have, as the footage might come across as reckless if one doesn’t have that piece of information.

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