Blogpost proposals

  1. Blogpost title "Vice: Our work culture is killing us!" Link contents of this article with the Edgeryders discussion about work, meaning and value highlighted in Dougald and Christophers posts. Conclusion: need for developing bridges between need to make a living and need to do work that is meaningful on personal level as well as contributes to societal wellbeing. Challenge: lots of experimentation and internet enables new ways of organising work and collaboration. But very difficult to find new ways forward in transition phase due to uneasy interface between networks and mainstream organisations. Solution: Build that interface; we are prototyping in in Edgeryders. Description of that architecture. Challenge: Try hiring yourself and other ways of creating the conditions for you to both do work you care and feel good about [link to the conversion funnel description], and get paid. If you like what we are doing and would like to do more to support us go here: link to page containing vision, mission, objectives and tasks up for grabs.
  2. Blogpost title "What you can learn from Swarmwise and why it matters".

    a post presenting Swarmwise, Rick Falkvinges book, and why it is relevant right now. In the blogpost we have a call to action engaging community in a collective learning experience: learning by doing- implementing insights in Falkvinge’s book on how continue to work with Edgeryders over next 6 months. It’s easy peasy:

  • Step 1: Identify what anyone who wants to be a part of this want us to achieve together, how you think we can get there and how you would like to contribute here (remember to login first!).
  • Step 2: Make sense of the content that comes in and simplify it into this simple, one page overview {linkt to page with one paragragh summary of Swarmwise and main insights, followed by description of the one page overview and table as described above}.
  • Step 3: Keep an eye on tasks that come out of the process, assign one or more to yourself and take responsibility for making it happen.

Edgeryders newsletter: [t.b.c] Lote summary and calling all Edgeryders for next steps: Have people from the community step forward to help formulate their own visions for Edgeryders and tell others in the community how they want to contribute.

you mean you are writing it or a superorganism?

Actually, I had a question about blogs. Back in the prehistory of Edgeryder plafortm, I had an urge to blog projects and ideas I see around, which I find edgerydery and with right people within, but ones which only loosely connected to.

I would like a piece of advice: do you think I should I carry on with this? Some people from my hood doing things which can be, for instance, be temporarily involved in something we do in Matera. Or elsewhere. May be not full blown unMon applications, but nicely fitting into the context.

I was thinking of a separate group for this. Loosely connected projects sharing edgerydery (… pardon my `ffrench…) spirit

blogposts are good windows into the worlds of ER Universe

to borrow your own concept. I think it’s a great idea. I try to do three kinds of blogposts:

  1. New tools and processes to discover: Part of the point of ER is for us to help one another be smarter and more effective together. It's hard to keep track of all the new things out there so posts which contain a curated selection of useful tools and processes are a nice resource and draws interest from a very broad range of readers. Especially if it's well tagged as you point out with the tweets.
  2. Meet the Edgeryder: Last year we did a series in which we would introduce the world to a member of the community and what they do/ are currently very interested in. The post were written p2p, i.e. I pick a community member and write something about them and they pick another member and write about them. Like a carousel. The advantage being that it's a nice way also for community members to discover and get to know one another and it makes us feel seen and appreciated when someone shines a light on us. 
  3. (Making a) living on the Edge: This is a series that has somehow changed shape. In ER 1 we had the mission called the quest for paid work for which Chris Pinchen did filmed interviews and blogposts about how people are making a living outside the mainstream. Then the Mission Baltic initiative came along and we got reflections like Dougald, Christopher, Alek, Caroline and others about the interesting green shoots springing up at the intersections of occupation, new forms of democratic participation and innovation. This series was curated into a book (the visual design is less than awsome, with a new cover and some editing it will be a pretty awsome). Then it became more focused on fostering collaboration to help one another making a living on the edge ahead of \#LOTE3.

`Maybe revising some or more of these and posting new material that links to older, but still highly relevant, material most people have not discovered might be a good approach. I would like to engage the communityn in especially the second series. [Noemi] do you remember where we put the instructions for writing the meet the Edgeryder/Edgeryders series? Maybe we could re-use them for a new round?

Meet the Edgeryders

Can’t remember where we have a writeup, but the gist would be:

Curate an Edgeryder’s journey and introduce them to the community through:

1. Attractive personal introduction in the style of Share your Ryde: Tell us a story about yourself. It can be the story of your life’s journey, or the story of a day when you discovered something important about yourself or the world. It can be about achieving something or about coming up against an obstacle that prevented you from achieving it.

  1. Picture/ nice visuals

3. Call to action outlining what they need help with in their work : the community will campaign for your project & help gather resources, or p2p help you directly

4. Link to person’s profile and project hosted here on Edgeryders

About the post on Swarmwise, i think it left a great impression on many of us, and figured out just how relevant it is for ER and sanity in our community when meeting other youth organisation based on a model which doesn’t work to keep members motivated, hence people end up asking themselves “how come they drift off or why is it that they see us unapproachable”? Wondering if [Asta] would be up for working with me on a blog post, for obvious reasons. #justsaying :slight_smile:

I really ike the idea about “picking” an edgeryders, it’s always easier to write about someone else that about yourself and makes it more relaxed…

Once you are “picked”, you can write about the next person, prepare questions etc… Questions can be unexpected and fresh as well…!

Shall we get started then?

Great, so I’m interviewing someone new in the community just this weekend, [Elena Karlsen] how about you do the same to get the ball rolling? Great idea you gave me, I’m gonna ask that person to reach out to someone else and keep up the ball :) this way people can be both interviewees, learn about the process and become interviewers themselves…!