Some new tools and skills worth exploring for the curious

fig 2-01Hi everyone! Over the past few months I’ve been learning a lot about social capital and the features of social networks that really drive change from the bottomless bit of knowledge and lovely human being that is [Bert-Ola]. One of the things that keeps resurfacing is how important it is to adopt a practice of taking every opportunity to connect one another with good people, places and projects things happening anywhere and everywhere. One way in which we can do this is through this blog. If each of us volunteers to curate one blogpost containing news of cool things we come across a week, we all stand to benefit :slight_smile:

So here are a couple of things I came across this week I thought would be nice to share:

1. Copygram: Why? Because they have an interesting business model, you can order prints of the images  online which generates revenue for the people conributing towards creating value. We have community members all over the place, many who have instagram. Could be worth looking into a nice storytelling concept about Edgeryders/  The unMonastery.

2. Medium and Cowbird:  Because one of the things I really love about the Internet is how it can put us within line of sight of another, and spread beautiful storytelling that helps us find and connect with one another as humans. I think these two spaces are beautiful and that we can learn alot from them, maybe even share some of our stories on them so others can find us. Medium is more reflective, Cowbird more poetic.

  1. This post on community management skills and social business: Because there are so many ways we could become better at supporting one another’s being able to make a living while doing meaningful work. It’s the reason we set up an Edgeryders social enterprise for members to use. One way is to identify and help one another learn skills needed to be able to do so, p2p. lote3,  the community event taking place at the unMonastery on October 29-November 3 is totally dedicated to this. A really generative event is a conversation that starts long before and continues long after the physical meeting. Here’s where y(our) event program is being built by the participants, user generated session by session :slight_smile:

Ok, who’s next?


… but the link to the post is broken: leads to a picture!

oops, fixed it! :slight_smile: