Blueprint 1.0 brochure + Vision: first drafts

Dear @reeflings,

I have shared a copy of the “Blueprint 1.0 brochure” and a copy of the Reef’s “Vision” to the Reef’s Google Drive.

Please feel free to add your comments and edits as you see fit, if possible by 23/02 at the latest.

1. Comments on the brochure

  • This is the most important document to comment on, as it describes how we see The Reef and the process to make it happen.

    • One way or another this will most likely be the document that will be attached to the asbl’s statutes.

    • It will also form the basis for the website and the presentation at the public meeting.

  • A couple of pointers on how to make your comments and edits as effective as possible:

    • Please focus on important/fundamental issues only. This would include: things you disagree with, things that aren’t clear, things that you believe are missing etc.

    • Please be as precise and specific as you can when you make a comment. Example: if something is not clear to you, don’t comment “???” but rather write “do you mean XYZ or ABC?” (or anything else that clarifies what isn’t clear to you).

    • Please agree on the comments with your partner. Of course it’s ok if both people in a couple insert comments, but then please make sure that you speak on behalf of each other.

  • A couple of issues that need further work, thinking or research include the following:

    • Presentation: before we go public we will need a shorter version for the website and probably also a pdf with appealing graphic design. Work-in-progress.

    • The difference between consent and consensus: This is not as clear as it may seem. People seem to use these words to mean different things, which is not very helpful. Work-in-progress.

    • A couple of issues related to the building: We will need to check with the architect how realistic soundproofing is and how costly the Schoonschip technologies are. More importantly we will need guidance on the price per square meter. Work-in-progress.

    • A couple of issues related to the process: There are a couple of issues, mostly related to legal stuff and the correct order of things that need further clarity. Work-in-progress.

2. Comments on the Vision

  • The Vision document is currently very short (2 pages). It summarises the Reef’s values and foundational choices.

  • We can add, remove or reshuffle values or needs (or even restructure the document) as much as you like, but I would rather not be the person investing much more time in this document at this stage.

  • The way I see it this would be an easy task to get Team Governance started during the Blueprint 2.0 stage. They can then finalise the document as they see fit (and present it as a proposal to be adopted by consent).

  • One could argue that spending time just on selecting and defining values does not add value. On the other hand I do see a lot of people / groups investing time in this, so there must be something there. Here are some examples:

3. Governance and working methods

  • Working methods: This document just needs a general clean-up and a couple of additions here and there. Work-in-progress but not a priority.

  • Governance: This document is the most difficult one, but I hope to finish it shortly. This will still be a first draft though, to be improved and fine-tuned by Team Governance in the Blueprint 2.0 stage.


thank you for this. we read these documents ugne and me and we found it very good. I added some comments in the drive but minor things. bravo for this excellent work.

let me know if you need help with this :wink:


Hello, the shorter version is ready here. In the next few days I will sketch out a website.

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Thanks a lot @alberto.

I think it’s great work, but I think we lost a bit of our so-called “unique selling proposition”. I’m working on an alternative version (based on yours), trying to follow some “writing for the web” recommendations.