BOOMSCHAKALAK! The #LOTE countdown is ON!

Hi Everyone!

In case you managed to miss it we’re doing a lot of coordination around building #LOTE on twitter and through the new Edgeryders conference website.  When asked why they are coming to the meetup in June two Edgeryders said:

‘My motivation for attending this conference is the possibility to co-design the future with the other attendees. I am also curious to hear what perspectives and ideas people have regarding the current situation in Europe, and the world of course. Looking forward to collaborate with everyone!"
"I am going to this conference because I look forward to, first and foremost, meeting intelligent, inspired people who are motivated to do something with the new class of online tools we have inherited in our generation. I see this conference as equally a moment in crowdsourcing — something may arise from all the activity from which we can continue our efforts moving forward..."
That intelligent, inspired person other Edgeryders want to meet is you!
With less than 18 days to go to \#LOTE now is when we shift into high gear, get to know our new best friends from all over Europe and challenge ourselves to flex some brain muscle together. In my opinion politics is too important to be left to the politicians, and we REALLY can't afford to leave policy to, well, you know who- but we need to be prepared. Every single one of us who participates in the meetup in June. Because we need to prove, if to no one other than ourselves, that together we are smarter than any small group of people with a lot to lose from a future that is good for the rest of us. You and I and everyone we know. Amongst ourselves we have lifetimes of experience and worlds of wisdom. So let's make the most of this opportunity to come together, inspire each other and make sense of how to move ahead in the world and in our lives. Peer to peer. This is how I am preparing myself this week, I suggest you do the same  :

1. Checking my dashboard for missions to do and complete them.  

2. Leaving lots of comments on the mission reports of others. The more I read and think about the contents of mission reports and campaign themes, the better I am prepared to have constructive discussions around identifying solutions worth exploring further.  Also it’s a great way to make the most of the conference: by interacting around our experiences, ideas and questions we get to know one another ahead of the physical meetup and can make sure to connect with the people we especially should meet while there.

3. For myself I am putting together a summary of what I have learned from all of these mission reports and comments, and well as what reflections and ideas they inspire and bringing them to the conference. If you post them as  mission reports for the Finale campaign you also make a valuable contribution by helping to preparing the background material for each presentation and breakout session so I’ll be posting a couple of those.

  I suggest you do the same

great plan of action Nadia.

great plan of action Nadia. I’m going to do and share it this week. Let me just add another point

  1. (if you haven’t already) make sure to volunteer for a breakout session or another position. We need your help to make #lote happen. You can see the volunteer dashboard here and apply just by sending an email to

Becoming immersed in the community

For me the bottom line is: the more time we spend getting to know and understand each other in the community, the stronger our voice will be, the more rewarding the whole conference experience, both for us as a group and individually.

It takes some time to browse through the content and add points, but the feeling you have when your story is out there, people respond to it and it is included in a common vision for change, it’s fantastic…!

My Contibutions so far

How to make a living on the Edge based on Pete Ashton’s experiences as described to Cataspanglish here :

  1. Chase Buzz terms: Try new technologies out and become proficient at using them

  2. Do temporary jobs to pay rent and bills (how much do you need/ month & what’s minimum wage?)

  3. Experiment with different forms of self-expression to tell stories about who you are and the worlds you live in till you find your style that resonates with more people- especially writing. Pick something which you can do consistently over a long period of time so people can find you and you can develop an audience: “It’s about taking control and responsibility for your activities and presence and not complaining that the system doesn’t let you do that - forget the system, I’ll make my own way”

  4. Be open and social: make it easy for others who might be interested in what you do to find and engage with you. Pete did it by telling people where he would be on a regular basis and inviting people to come meet him there to talk about social media, offering to help newbies get started, or those curious to explore it a bit without a major commitment.

Ok so it seems you can make a living by doing a combination of temporary work to pay the bills and creative exploration of your environment to move you forward in the long run. My big question here has to do the time frame- Cash in hand, Short term, medium term, long term work- Highly specialised or skilled vs generic, specific vs fuzzy descriptions. How to find it as individual, as group as community? I’ll take my own example: At a certain point in my working life I ended up working as a cook in restaurants. I only did it for a while, and didn’t have any professional training- but I did get it through a job centre. Turns out the job itself was over hyped- all it really required was that you show up, peel a lot of vegetables, heat and serve pre-processes foods and clean up meticulously after each working day. The job description made it out to be a highly demanding job requiring specialist skills but it really wasn’t, they could just have said: We’re looking for person to mostly prepare pre-processed foods and a couple of salads every now and then. You need to be clean, have high work ethic and be willing to do repetitive tasks but on the upside the money’s not bad. There is no way from the description I could have guessed what it was about, and if they had asked about qualifications I would have been filtered out as a candidate even though the job certainly didn’t require it. Long term is off- I don’t believe it is possible to plan long term anymore, not when it comes to paid work. So I am asking myself what cash in hand or short term work is out there? Babysitting, gardening, selling stuff on the beach. There never seem to be enough plumbers and electricians around. Especially at odd hours. And Estheticians/ they often seem to be booked days or even weeks in advance. Any more? What kinds of odd jobs have you done in the past and how did you get them?