Boss 7awlak ( look around you )

i want to check it out

i did not know about arkab eih? how do i download it on our mobile to check it out?

didn’t try it

am new to smart phones didn’t try it actually , but it looks promising

also by2ollak is a good app …hope u guys get to make an app an much more :slight_smile:

above the ground is much better

for some reason couldn’t post this as a replay for the above comments , I think my firefox is fooling around .


the public transport in general is not sufficient for the no of people - in the greater Cairo- so in the rush hours - which is mainly the whole day except for some hours :slight_smile: - all public transport is over packed . and sometimes it’s hard to read or to do anything

for me my preferences for short distance : bicycle

for long distance: Bus then micro bus then Metro as I don’t like to travel under the ground unless I am in a hurry as it is much faster .

I rarely drive also , even my license was stolen in 2011 and didn’t get a new one till now .


back to the transportation problem , It’s big and initiatives like arkab eh  , by2ollak and hopefully "bos 7awalek " reduce some of the Symptoms of the problem but they r just first steps to untangle this BIG PROBLEM , interventions  in the infrastructure is needed and it takes time …


While i cannot contest usefulness (at least of on an idea level) of arkab eh, i do think pooling of transport is more efficient and effective as far as solving the traffic problem is concerned.

Carpooling (our app - and there is no other real contender - and buspooling (i recommend Check and use. Both poolers are in the process of coming up with a transport “package” for event organizers and companies who need transport solutions.


this seems very efficient indeed  !

@2mavin do u have some statistics about the no of users , rate of increase in using carpooling , what neighborhood is it more likely to use the app and carpooling ?

also the people who use this app could be a good target group for "Bos 7awalek "