Bottom-up Policy Development for Culture & Well-being in the EU

There is a new call just published by DG EAC: Preparatory action - Bottom-up Policy Development for Culture & Well-being in the EU with deadline 15th of May.

Budget: 500k (80% of the total eligible costs), only one proposal gets funded. Duration of the project: 18 months, starting in the second part of this year.


  • facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience and success stories within the European Union (EU) related to the role of culture for well-being and health
  • map the most relevant existing practices in this regard, including those that are financed by European programmes
  • improve the capacity of local actors to effectively benefit from culture as a means to increase well-being and health, with a special focus on mental health
  • carry out small-scale pilot work on the ground concerning means of cooperating across sectors to enhance the well-being of individuals and communities
  • establish and explore synergies between existing policies and programmes, as well as past, ongoing and planned actions – in particular those at the EU level – but also local, (macro-)regional and national initiatives

There are four tasks:

1. Research:

The beneficiary should undertake a desk research that will review existing knowledge
from European and international research on the relationship between citizens’
participation in culture, well-being and health, including digital aspects and the impact of Covid 19.

2. Mapping:

The beneficiary should carry out a mapping of relevant EU, national, regional and
local programmes, initiatives and projects on culture, well-being and health across the
European Union…The result of this work is expected to be a clear, concise and comprehensive mapping that will serve as a resource for learning and
inspiration for a wide range of relevant actors and organisations.

3. Cross-sectorial and cross-border cooperation:

The beneficiary should facilitate experimental cross-sectorial and trans-European
cooperation with the aim to generate knowledge and compile policy guidelines on how
to enhance well-being through culture…the beneficiary should carry out a minimum of five small-scale innovative pilot projects on the ground in at least four countries across the EU on methods, actions and measures to strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation to harness the power of culture to enhance the well-being of individuals and communities, with a focus on mental health, where relevant…

4. Dissemination:

A systematic communication and dissemination package in order to make sure that the main findings of the preparatory action reach the relevant professionals from the various relevant sectors + final conference.

We could try to investigate who is applying to this, get in touch with the consortium leader and propose SSNA? What do you think @hugi, @amelia, @alberto, @ivan, @nadia?

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Yes, this is excellent. But in this case, perhaps we could lead?
I think that a consortium of Edgeryders (building on OpenCare), Trans Europe Halles, Blivande and FdCM could be pretty strong if we add a University? This is not a Horizon project, so coordination is perhaps not as heavy. What do you think? It would be a lot better if we could design the project ourselves in this case.

Makes sense. What, if any, support at this stage would you need to do so?

However, on second though: That there is only one funded project and a very tight schedule makes me thing that this call was written with a specific project and consortium in mind. We should definitely try to ask around first as to not waste our time. Ask Burak at TEH?

I agree. Can you ask Burak? I’ll check with ECHN.

Hmm. What is the eligible rate of indirect costs?


Indirect costs are overheads up to 7%

So, if we win we LOSE money:

Spend 100 => Eligible 100 + 7% = 107 => Claim 80% x 107 = 85.6

Loss on 100 EUR spent is 100-85.6 = 14.4.

I say let it go. This is for cultural institutions standing on core funding, not for the likes of us.

I don’t think it’s 80% for every partner, it’s for the project as a whole. Maybe our role in the consortium could be 100% covered if we negotiate it.

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Only if in-kind is not accepted, which it often is in the culture sector.

Indeed, there is in-kind contribution in the budget template.

Then the 80% isn’t really a major problem. I would be up for going for it, covering the self-funding with in-kind contributions, just making sure we have enough paid time to go around to do what we want.

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Hi Adrian, thanks for the interest! Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find the consortium leader for this call and we are not able to apply ourselves as coordinators.

In any case I would love to know more about what you do, we might find other opportunities to collaborate :slight_smile: