Breast Cancer Recognizer

Breast Cancer Recognizer

Idea is about detecting the breast with a prototype which have a skin recognition and accelometre to map the breast. It is necessary because every women and men needs to check their breasts once a month. And the techniques of detecting the breast cancer early is so complicated. First with 2 fingers you should message your arm pit. With 3 fingers you should rub down your breast in a circle to the niple… We can optimize this with a prototype.

What are the main aspects of this project?

Our goal is to detect the cancer in early stage. Our perspective is “it can happen to anyone” It is an awareness and caring project. So we encourage all the people to look after theirselves with our prototype and catch the cancer before it is too late.

How to?

We should show supervisors the research and prototype of Yemen University’s to think about more simple ways to make this prototype happen. Because their system is so complex and difficult to built with only Arduinos.

Releated Work done by Yemen University