Brexit anxiety and Brussels

I am currently considering a move to Brussels in the next few months. Seeing that my options for moving around Europe will be far more limited after October 31st (if that is the date we leave - who knows at this point…) It strikes me as a sensible place to settle, the Belgium government having guaranteed the right to stay of existing UK residents - I also really enjoyed the city the few times I have been there. It’s like Paris, but friendly.

The other side of this move would also be an opportunity to do some more collaborative work around Edgeryders initiatives… Websites are nice, but I think there’s room for more collective media projects including interviews, videos, photography, pop up installations… I don’t know yet, but my sense is that there would be a more insightful quality to the work produced by being there, especially in the run up to the festival.

I have lived most of my life in Europe and consider it home - the prospect of returning to the UK is a bit of an alien concept for me. So if there is a space available at The Reef, or even recommendations for a starting point for the first month or two, I would greatly appreciate any help to get a footing there :slight_smile:

@nadia @alberto @noemi @matthias / anyone else?

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And you speak fluent French :slight_smile:

Mais oui… :blush:

@alberto you mentioned that a room is becoming available, no? So maybe, if the timelines etc. fit together …

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Hi @owen, what great news!!

Actually we are renting out 2 rooms at The Reef, but I’m afraid 2 months is a bit short. That’s how long it could take for someone to find someone else to replace them, which means you’d have to start looking already after you move in? If this is OK, we can discuss… I can ask the others.

Then there is the guest room.
Because the moves are supposed to happen from now until end of 2019 and we don’t know when exactly people are moving in and out, it’s also not possible to offer you the guest room for a short rental. In this transition period we might have full occupation of all rooms - those moving not being in perfect sync and needing the extra room for buffer time :frowning:

This is a great site for rental apartments, other than various fb groups…

Like Noemi says, @owen. What we do have is an office where you can hang out. :slight_smile:

Also, if you decide to take the leap into a longer stay, you can consider moving in with us, of course.