BRIEF #2 for Hacking Utopia Project UdK


HU = Hacking Utopia Project UDK

OC = OpenCare Research Project

Task#1: Team meeting

Deliverable: HU

Time: 1.5 hours

Deadline: asap

Watch: Marlieke Kieboom


  1. considering the theme you picked for your FEED FWD research, identify the people you want to design for and where you can find them.

  2. think of a welcoming, trust building “open office” idea you could easily pop up in the environment where you will do your research.

  3. prepare some questions according to our FEED FWD INTERVIEW GUIDE (LINK) to help you understand more about the people’s context.

  4. Define roles in the team: preparation, documentation (written/foto/video), transcription, upload

Task#2: Feed Fwd Field Trip

Deliverable: HU/OC

Time: collect 10-15 stories

Deadline: Monday, 9.5. (ideally a couple of days before, see Task#3)

Make: Build Open Office


  1. go out and do it!

  2. stay in your roles within one interview but make sure to switch roles throughout the task (1 person speaks, 1 person takes notes, 1 person takes photo/video)

  3. take notes about the process: what went well, what failed, why, discuss it in the team, learn and share in the next group meeting.

Task#3: Transcription of Interviews & Upload

Deliverable: HU/OC

Time: 1-2 days

Deadline: Monday, 9.5.


  1. check out the interview guideline (HERE) and do your transcription accordingly

Task#5: (ongoing) Research- General/Intuitive

Deliverable OC / HU

Time: open

Deadline: Monday 9.5.


  1. Based on the topic and question defined in your design challenge, do online research looking for relevant and inspiring Groups, Projects, Places, Products, Technologies, Tools, Services or Infrastructures.

  2. Collect everything in a thoughtful text with images and links, if possible by 25.4.

  3. Upload the post as a first step towards building your case studies here

  4. If you want feedback, further references etc on what you presented during day 1, just upload your speaker notes- we’ll sort out the rest.

5. Please respond to questions and feedback from your peers as well as members of the edgeryders/opencare community team who can help you to develop sharp case studies through their input

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