Brief for platform integrated NGI summit website development

Project scope

In the coming month, we will be developing a website for the NGI summit based on the technology behind our Festival website. In summary, the work involves:

  • Writing plugins for our Discourse installation to expose new endpoints
  • Integrating the dataflow from new endpoints with the existing Vue.js front end client
  • Upgrading the architecture of the Vue.js web-kit to prepare it for the NGI summit requirements
  • Building new components for the WebKit as speficied by @hugi during the project


To qualify for this project, an applicant must be:

This project runs until April 1st, but the work will be done in milestone sprints, with the first delivery at the end of February.

How to apply

Reply to this post.

I’m up for this! :slight_smile:

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After talking to @gdpelican, we have decided to work with him on this.