Bring on the resilience crowd!



I understand, one is maintenance, another - capacity to recover. Just have noticed that in my city everyone seem to recognize the word “sustanability”, but not “resilience”. Perhaps not enough colapsitarians in my hood.

Anyway, I suppose, the level of interest in such application depends on whom we know and how we pitch.


in the room, reading the debate.

Hello to all,

Just to say that I’m in the room, reading the debate.

I haven’t really went through the info on links, but wanted to say that I also feel that it is important to intent on the goal, [Eimhin].

On the other hand, I wonder if constrained through a dualistic logic, we would probably never have had the present oportunity to debate it, “here at this room” at first. If Edgeryders exists, is possibly because at some point, Some made an option on a position 1,5 (?) in between?

Also not saying that the acceptable option, in this case, is 1 or 2, or 1,5!

but anyway, as it’s been said, let’s eventually debate on about a concrete option. :- )