Bringing together pathfinding EU regions: a webinar chez DG REGIO

During last week’s call with DG REGIO, we came up with the idea of organizing a webinar. Its goal is to start a dialogue with the more “adventurous” EU regions, those that would be willing to consider experimenting with new economic paradigms.

It would work like this:

  • Hosted by REGIO.
  • Financed by REGIO itself, ideally – once they put money into an idea, they become more invested.
  • To make a more compelling case, we could tell REGIO we have found some money, and could they please also contribute to budget?
  • We can find some money in LTDD for 2021 (cc @IvanC)
  • @nadia to ask Frank and the Dutch if they would be up for putting a bit of money of their own. This would be a strong signal for REGIO. The argument is: "can you be one of the leading regions in this space? If REGIO sees a demand from managing authorities, they are compelled to take it more seriously than if it comes from Edgeryders.
  • Depending on enthusiasm and availability, this could be a 10K one-shot webinar or a 70K one-year community building program.

Tentative date is February 2021.

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An academic research network on the EU’s cohesion policy:

They are looking to re-schedule their 2021 seminars because COVID. The main guy, Nicola Francesco Dotti (MCR + FF fan!), is up for helping define the program, participate as a network. They also have some small money, but it is earmarked for things like travel costs or catering.