Brunch Saturday 30 September

Hello @reeflings,

We’ll soon be having some new people exploring The Reef, which seems like a good opportunity to set up another social event.

Unless somebody wants to propose something else, it would be a brunch at my place, on Saturday 30 September starting from 11:00. The address is on the Nextcloud calendar.

Question to all buddies: can you please make sure that your exploring buddies will find their way?

As for the organisation, I propose we make it a potluck, i.e. everybody brings a little something, and then we share.

To make sure that we roughly get a buffet with different things in roughly the right quantities, and roughly catering to people’s special needs, let’s fill in what we’ll bring in the table on Nextcloud, so that it is easier to plan. There is no need of course for all dishes to accommodate for all special needs, but it would be nice to have at least a couple …

This is the link to the table (accessible to Exploring Reeflings): Nextcloud

And finally maybe a little poll so we can see who is coming:

  • Yes I’ll be there!
  • Sorry, can’t make it!

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Thanks for organising this Lie!

We’re a ‘hopefully but can’t commit’ at this point, so we’ll have to fill in the poll nearer the time… :slight_smile:

We would love to be there & meet the newbies, but planned a weekend out outside Brussels!

sorry , going abroad for my sister’ bday celebration

Do we keep this date?

We have six Full Members confirmed: @Lee, @Sebas, @Aline_Jeandenans, @Dave_behave, @Sarah and @ChrisM.
And four exploring member households: @Angelika, Andrea, Graziella and Charlotte (with her daughter).


@Sebas, @Aline_Jeandenans, @Dave_behave, @Sarah @ChrisM and @Angelika, Andrea, Graziella and Charlotte: I get a little stressed at the idea that everybody will bring croissants and nobody will bring cheese (or something like that), so I like to coordinate a bit who is going to bring what.

If you have the time, we have a little table here: Nextcloud. Otherwise no worries of course.

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Hi @Lee, I will come with my daughter if that is OK?


@RyanB of course! She’s very welcome!