Brussels2030 Summer Assembly

From 4 to 8 July a number of actors are organising a “Brussels2030 Summer Assembly”. It’s a full programme filled with events that offer a space where diverse urban actors can inspire one another and initiate processes of collaborative city-making.

It’s not of direct interest to The Reef, but it could be a very good opportunity for networking and learning about what other organisations are up to.

The programme can be found on the website:

Registration is mandatory.

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Between NEB, Energy Cooperatives and this, it looks like having a Team External Affairs is becoming rather urgent.

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I registered for a couple of events but had to let go of most of them because of my back.

Making a parenthesis that we should probably discuss in the context of the set up of the Teams (i.e. before mid-October). Assigning people to Teams / Circles like it is done in sociocracy is probably a good thing, but I think in The Reef we should create an add-on that leaves us more flexibility. So in this case: going to this kind of events shouldn’t be excluded to people who are part of Team External Relations.

In sum what I have in mind is that some people will commit to certain Teams, which means they will take responsibility for the Team’s mission, attend the meetings etc. But then if there are certain “jobs” that can be done by anybody who has the time, competence etc (e.g. going to this event), we should probably create some sort of “Consultant” role and give priority to adding value / getting the work done. Transparency, clarity and consent will be key concepts, but overall I trust this will become self-evident.