Bruxelles rentière : another piece of data journalism by Médor

Médor is a francophone Belgian independent magazine, covering social issues with investigative journalism techniques. Longer-serving members of The Reef might remember their fantastic piece Bruxelles malade, which we use to keep an eye on which streets suffer most from air and noise pollution.

The latest issue contains another great piece, Bruxelles rentière. This one breaks down the economics of housing in Brussels. It is useful as an argument to talk to communes, as a lot of rents paid in the city bleed out of it, to landlords that live in Brabant Flamand. People like us will either rent inclusive units, or live in the commune, and keep the money there. Either way, we are a better solution than absentee rentiers.

@Quentin and @Caro , you especially might enjoy these pieces.

@Lee, should we contact them? Maybe they are interested in doing a piece on cohousing in Brussels.


If there is a volunteer for this, by all means let’s go.

I know a journalist who has done articles for Medor - should I ask her?


Great idea, @Sophie_B . If we are going to negotiate with communes, it does not hurt to be on the radar.

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