Budget 2024 -recent developments

hi @alberto & @RichardB

It seems we are back to a team of 3 :slight_smile:
Few important development that have been discussed during the last coordination meeting:

  • I can’t attend next plenary meeting (will be in Lithuania for 2 weeks with Ada (school holidays), so can’t be physically in Brussels. Manuel will attend. This, however, mean that we won’t be voting on the new coordinator, but I have been asked to replace Lie till next plenary as coordinator – on 19 March (just so you know). Can update you on the new coordinator’s role when we meet.
  • Budget 2024: it has been decided and highly requested that the budget is estimated by 6 months (like we used to do in the past). In practice, it means from January to June and from July to December. This means I (we) need to adjust the budget on the FreeAgent (by splitting the costs). I will ask all team coordinators whether I can do it. Are you ok with that?

Regarding the more transparent processes re budget , we should draft and present a very short proposal on the changes we suggest like:

  • Reporting on the budget every quarter and presenting it to the reeflings during the plenary where an extract from FreeAgent is displayed (just what Alberto did last time)

I don’t know if we have time to draft this before next plenary on Monday? Thoughts, comments?



You basically already did it in this post.

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