Build a wiki for collectively listing case studies and examples

In order to avoid getting trapped by semantic segregation or a flimsiness to the idea of ‘Stewardship’, in organising LOTE4 we act with clear and concrete examples when we discuss the topic in order to contextualise and begin bringing people in to participate and build traction for the event.

One such example was the Heygate Estate, a public owned housing estate which was sold off to a private development firm at a loss but also at the cost of displacing many families - in the years that follow a community has sprung up around the estate to organise events and community garden but the property developers plan to demolish the building to build luxury flats continues.

Other examples given:

Nadia: impossible living

mariabyck: New York: community land trust.

Nadia, Ben Vickers: Milan’s transfer of disused properties (Note In relation to Milan, we had one of the people from the municipality responsible for giving out property come for dinner at unMonastery and he said he’d be happy to help in future.)

Bezdomny: Digital Stewards Digital Stewardship and your community /

How do we build the lote? By reaching out to the existing Edgeryders community and its extended networks and asking who knows of interesting initiatives and asking them to reach out to them and interview them using a few simple questions.

Either they can interview the people, or maybe ask them to join one of the regular stewardship hangouts we should be hosting on a weekly basis and being open to be asked questions like Nick was today.

So building the wiki starts with:

  1. formulating a call for contributions and the questions to ask. Said Hamideh has a great idea for where they can go/ how to make very good use of this material in addition to getting work done the individual projects.

  2. getting the word out about the calls

  3. putting up Makerfox request for the case studies and matching with offer?

For more information/ notes from our discussions that lead to this have a look at this Community Call summary.

first step is up.

The wiki is here. We’re down at formulating calls and attractive offers for organisations to contribute their experience, especially those in Matera.