Building a strategy for the Edgeryders community in 2017-2018

A call with @johncoate and @Noemi + whoever is interested in catching up.

Community management in Edgeryders has for the past year been focused around specific projects and their goal (i.e. OpenCare) and less on the general community development and growth. While the work has been supported growth and socializing new members, it’s not part of a long term strategy with measurable objectives. There are no hours in the day and resources to cover the full range of that work. Hopefully we can start doing more strategizing and streamlining community activities across the different projects, with the help of our in-house wizard, John :slight_smile:

Some early thoughts from me - ideally we use the time on Thursday to go over what is:

1) needed for ER community development and growth. Here the largest focus is integration with The Reef, Edgeryders long term endeavor. For our purposes this has the advantage that it involves the whole community, not just a subset or focus on newcomers - as with timebound, more specifically focused projects. A key point here is re-activation of members who may have lost touch with recent opportunities.

I can prepare my list, but good to have yours too, even if on more general community needs and not connected to the Reef.

2) already covered partially (existing tools we are using and time needing to be allocated on a routine basis; things we found to be working) - more regular tasks, less big strategic goal; it’s where I see myself and the two of us and other active edgeryders working together i.e. Natalia is also covering part of this from time to time.

3) not covered at all. This is where John’s skillset comes in handy and where I have to say, we require more of a strategic goal and novel approaches. We stand to learn from you, and I look forward to following your lead.

Looking forward to Thursday at 6:30 PM CET on skype (add me: noemi.salantiu) and to your thoughts - feel free to post them early on in the comments here.

Date: 2017-04-06 19:30:00 - 2017-04-06 19:30:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

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…its been a while so would like to catch up, not sure what i could contribute but if i can listen in maybe something will emerge…

i’m at callmishek on skype…

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