Building the biochar rocket stove

The stove design has evolved and a prototype is now being built.

All design details are being documented at Appropedia.

Inspirations from secondary combustion stoves

Great work! This rocket stove looks like rocket science even :slight_smile:

As far as I understand, the pyrolysis gas burning during charcoal production is just the same thing as done in a secondary combustion step in an ordinary stove. Mention it just because yesterday I stumbled upon this interesting design for a secondary combustion stove. Maybe it offers some inspiration …

Secondary combustion

The gas given off from the charcoal production is fed into the stove and burns up nicely.

The stove has a secondary air inlet that puts warm air into the riser.

I’ve tested the stove twice - once before it was completed when it worked well.

The second time I only had access to wet firewood and wet woodchip (which was placed in the retort to be turned to charcoal) The stove did not work well.

I’ve got some dry wood and woodchip now but I won’t have a chance to test fire the stove again for another couple of weeks.  When I do I will do my best to get lots of good photos and videos and add them to the Appropedia page.

My first drawings for an efficient/clean burn stove looked a lot like the one you linked to above, but without all the insulating material.   After showing the plans to the very long running stoves mailing list (one of the bioenergy discussion lists) I ended up building something very different.

Here are some pictures and plans of that stove which I built a couple of years ago.  Like a rocket stove it is meant to burn hot and fast.  New wood is (in this case automatically) fed in slowly and the gases (smoke) that it emits has to travel through the already burning embers/wood and then ends up in an insulated chamber/riser where the now heated gases get mixed with heated secondary air and have a reasonably complete burn.

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Congrats to Forest Biochar Rocket Stove 0.3!

I just went back to your stove’s Appropedia page and found that you have done a third prototype in the meantime. Looks much simpler and cleaner than the previous one. Since it’s also for cooking and can probably burn everything from twigs to paper, I feel tempted to add a small version to my mobile home (which now just has a standard industrial stove). For those wanting to take a quick look, here’s a web-sized picture of Darren’s stove in version 0.3, with full credits going to Darren :slight_smile: