Building the buzz? One month of Spot The Future pre-launch

Exactly one month ago, on February 3rd 2014, we created the Spot The Future project as a provisional space from which to build the real thing – most of it is actually online now. This was enough to trigger significant changes in the level and direction of activity in the Egderyders community. Many new people signed up (we are over two thousands now!), particularly from Armenia, Egypt and Georgia; many new stories were shared and inspired the rest of the community. I warmly encourage you to check them out, and to go say hi to the new neighbors.

These changes are visible in quantitative terms as well. In the month since we started working on STF, the Edgeryders platform received 7,832 visits (+ 74% from the month before that), and served 27.951 pages (+ 104%). 55% of these visits were new visits (+ 11%). Most of this change is driven by an influx of new people from STF countries. Just look at this table:

Visits to Edgeryders, February vs. March 2014
Top countries, February Top countries, March Top cities, February Top cities, March
Italy Italy London Tbilisi
UK UK Rome Yerevan
US US Milan Cairo
Portugal Georgia Cluj-Napoca London
Romania Egypt Lisbon Brussels
Germany Armenia Matera Milan
France Germany Bari Rome
Sweden Belgium Naples Stockholm
Spain Sweden Stockholm Matera
Thailand France Porto Cluj-Napoca
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