Building the unMonastery FAQ

During LOTE3 we put up a sheet in the space and piratepad to gather questions from everyone that we think need to be answered about the unMonastery project - we’d like to continue to gather questions through this wiki now but also begin to answer them so we can put them on our website for people that want to know more about the project!

What are you seeking to achieve?

Which method do you use?

How can I participate?

How do you get funds?

Where are you based?

Is it for free?

What is the relationship between unMonastery and others institutions or organisations?

Why is it called unMonastery?

How do you facilitate work?

How often do you meet?

What do you consider success?

How will you gauge the success of your project in Matera?

What is the relationship between the personal projects of unMonasterians and the community in which the unMonastery is situated?

How will you ensure the project is long term and sustainable?

How will you integrate with the local community, generally and specifically in Matera?

What process do you use to reach decisions?

In the case of Matera, how will you ensure people not living in the Sassi find out about the unMonastery?

How will you ensure wellbeing, for those in that unMonastery and outside?

How should the site of unMonastery be referred to?

Why Matera?

What happens if I get sick at the unMonastery?

How will I know if someone is an unMonasterian?

Awful lot

Oh my. That’s an awful lot of (unanswered) questions. Probably some of them can be answered in the body of the text on the unMon website. I’m coming to London at the end of the month and am ready to dedicate a couple of days on re-wording the unMonastery if [Ben] and/or [Gaia] are free. I just need to organize cuz I still didn’t get the tickets and still don’t have a place to crash - but on the look out. Can this be some kind of begginning of an answer to all those questions :slight_smile:

I think we need more!

I’m not sure we’re even close to the number of questions I’d like to start answering, it’s a good start though, it gets the mind going.

You’re in luck, that’s one of the few weekends/times I’m going to be in London - so we can dedicate time, I also met with David this morning and we talked about potentially doing a weekend event, Form Storm or something of that order, so that might work out perfectly, will confirm it soon. If this doesn’t happen, I suggest we consider hosting some kind of event, space for this isn’t a problem and there seems to be a critical mass of EdgeRyders in London (perhaps others would join us from further afield also).

As for places to crash, if you let me know precise dates I can see if there’s a room spare in my house (there usually is), failing that there is always a spare couch, also Gaia is likely to have space, I’d suggest emailing her as she doesn’t spend enough time on the platform - CC me and add in the dates and we can figure it out :slight_smile:

End of nov meetup.

I’m also available to meet.

Nesta, bday and unMonastery

This sounds perfect, indeed. I have to be at Nesta between 27 and 29 of November, and then was planning to stay for the weekend and maybe a bit more depending on how things go. So 30-1 we could start the final countdown to the unMonastery with a grouped session on the unMonastery. It would be grand.

For the places to crash, I’ll send you guys an email :slight_smile:

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Aw, you’re going back to Nesta? Nice! Say hello to Alice and Marco if you run into them :slight_smile:

Marco, yes!

Matthias, in the framework of the master we’re having a whole session in London and guess who is leading it? Marco Zappalorto :slight_smile: So I definetely catch up with him, and I am sure he will ask me more about the Economy App… and I will quite guiltily have nothing to say since we didn’t find the time to catch up on this during the #LOTE3 :frowning: As for Alice, if I see her it will be a pleasure to say hello: I am sure she will also be quite curious on the Economy App. Any updates? :slight_smile:

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Updates :slight_smile:

Glad to hear your studies are now starting, and that you’ll meet up with the Nesta people. Small world, no? :slight_smile: And yes, I also had really anticipated to have a good talk with you during LOTE3 but then LOTE was over so soon and it didn’t happen :frowning: Ah well, we’ll get more chances I hope, and anyway I’m gonna write you soon (finally!) regarding developments in our P2P food startup thing. (And ohh … I have to say, I am deeply impressed by the food they make in Basilicata … natural, very tasty stuff, much to my delight.)

As for Economy App updates, I’ll write a more detailed post in at most a few days in here. But you should get the good news right now: we made a kind of break-through in the algorithm development :slight_smile: :slight_smile: An initial network barter implementation with that is running already, and much much faster and better than what we had before.

Still weeks of boring programming and bug fixing left, but then our beta version will go public :slight_smile: And then we’ll finally find out how to map the ideas for community development from the Nesta workshop and our talks to practice!

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Oh my god Matthias, I am so happy to hear all this! Seems like it’s going to be a long winter but in the end things are going to work out. If I understand it right 2014 is going to be the year of the unMonastery and of the Economy app :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see the beta version and follow-up on the community development ideas. I guess Nesta gave quite a break to the Matera possibility but I still think that some thought on community development after the beta launch should be spent. So I’ll wait patiently for your post, and in the meanwhile get ready for the MT2019 defense this Wednesday at the Italian Ministry of Culture. Matthias and fellow ER who read this post: cross fingers for us on Wednesday. On Friday we will know which Italian city is shortlisted! Catch up soon! :slight_smile:

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interview with Ben

here’s Ben answering a few of these questions - the full-length interview:

in the meantime, the main video is slowly coming together, I’m making progress but I’m a bit swamped with work at the moment, I’ll keep you posted!


application to unmonastery

Hey Ben! How Are you?

I was wondering if unmonastery already started to accept people for projects?

If so when will be the next application? I wanted to apply :slight_smile:

If I may…

Hello [nat], good to hear from you! [Ben] and I were talking just today. We have already accepted several applications, but we hope to be reopening very soon (next week?) as there are still a few places to fill. I suggest you start working on your application! :slight_smile:

Hey : ) Nice to hear from you.

Woow a week?! Is this application for February?


Yes. The only period in which we are certain the unMonastery will function (i.e. we have secured a building and funding) is February to May 2014. Everything beyond that has to be built.