Cabaz da Horta - Good Example

I live in a village called Odemira in Portugal.

I’m working on called TAIPA Cooperative Organization, which has a project Basket of Horta.”

This project aims to work with small producers who sow platam and various foods in their backyards and bring them into baskets to the community.

It is a way of valuing the work of small farmers to develop the local economy, providing the population of staple goods of high quality and locally sourced.
It is a good example for local development.

You can see a report here:


Sorry for the delay in commenting this: your report came right in the run-up to our conference and the summer break.

I checked your link, but could not find much information. Anyway, from what I understand, this is a way for people who are not professional farmers to get involved into producing and exchanging food produce. Really interesting! You might be interested in the experience of the British city of Stroud, which is along the same lines. James, also on Edgeryders, explains it here: