Calendar / Events plugin on

The new Events plugin buttons on are not showing up yet.

Playing with the settings I managed to get Calendar option showing in the main hamburger menu. However,

  1. Trying to enable calendar in each category does not show the calendar next to Latest/Bookmark buttons as it is seen in this example page using the same plugin:

2, Even when I get to the Calendar through the main hamburger menu, I can’t seem to be able to add an event in it, even as admin.

Help is appreciated!

Fixed now. Two things had to be done:

  1. Configuring the top navigation menu. To make Calendar and / or Agenda show, you also had to include these options into the “top menu” setting, as that setting was locally overridden in your site’s configuration. Now done. That menu can only include a limited number of items, so I removed “Bookmarks” in order to include the other options. That at least started to show the Calendar and Agenda menu items on the “All Categories” page.

  2. Re-configuring category settings. The per-category setting to show the Calendar and Agenda menu items is overriding the global setting, and there seems to be a bug in there. The menu items were only added after I unchecked the per-category event plugin settings, saved, re-checked them, saved again.

Events are added as topics with a special additional field in them. So just start creating a new topic, and in the editor that will show up (1) first select a category if not already done, (2) click the “Add Event” button around the top of the editor window, (3) add title and description and save it. It will now show up in the calendar and agenda views of its category and in the global calendar and agenda that is shown on the frontpage. I just tried it with a test event, that I have deleted again now.

Thanks, Mat!

Just checking the following:

I managed to add a first event. All looks good otherwise!


The Calendar menu item is also possible to have in sub-categories. I enabled it for the sub-category you linked to now. To do so, you need to do this step for each sub-category, as a workaround for the bug that exists in the Events plugin:

Thanks Matt!

That works! It is a very subtle way. Trial and error is king!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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