Calendar for Virtual Cafes in CZ, EN, PL

Recurring events on Facebook: Edgeryders and community managers as co-hosts.

See the eventslisted here.

Topic calendar

To edit your country contents type straight into the spreadsheet.

All community managers

  • Send invitation for Virtual Cafe to speakers/projects to be featured that week, people who will come to present their story: pick from Spirituality & Moral Wellbeing, Health, Work and Prosperity
  • Edit the facebook events: translate descriptions, double check links, and choose a topic/ agenda for the call a few days before, announce it in a post on facebook and here on edgeryders so we can promote it.
  • Posts the notes from the Cafe in the online forum, for participants to discuss further and for more people to contribute to the discussion. This gives everyone a rich view of the topic. Those who wish to continue to work together come for a one on one call where they are interviewed and we produce one article each with their own reflections around what they have discovered about the topic.

More information: How to run the Virtual Cafes

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