Calendar/Requests for Event follow up posts by copywriter

We discussed how we could develop the process for followup and aftercare of outreach events:

1. Guides for follow up articles:

  • There should be one short summary of the call (for coding and research purposes) (not more than 2 page A4)
  • There should be one or more short topical follow up articles that just focus on just one topic that came up during the call to further discussion on this topic (Not more than 1 page A4)

2. Process for follow up articles through copywriter:

  • Before the call you should try to book a slot with the copywriter collaborating with edgeryders at the time. (Only one request for the event follow up can be approved by the copywriter per week). You do that by commenting below with the date and link to the event in question.
  • You should give the copywriter access to the recording and the transcript. (ping @IvanC, what is now the correct way to give access to the recording and transcript to the copywriter? can you edit this wiki and add it?)
  • You (who organised/attended the event) should schedule a 20-30 min zoom session with the copywriter for the day after the event to brief them on what would be the most important points for a topical followup article.

Please comment below with the events you would like to have copywriter help with for the followup articles:

Edit: the requests a collected here. Then during the biweekly team meetings decisions are made which are granted to use our resources most effectively.

Requests that are granted will be moved up to this mainpost and added to a list that shows only those events that the copywriter (@LauraRoddy) will take on.

List of granted event followup writing requests

(Note that we should find another way to deal with just proofreading requests, those should function more short notice.)

ping @nadia, @noemi, @IvanC, @LauraRoddy @johncoate, @hires, @alberto, @marina

We need @LauraRoddy to look at this with some urgency and draft a structured invitation :slight_smile: Please let us know if you saw this Laura?
Event: How to bring back human potential to rural areas - ‘you need to offer them more than just a plot of land’ - #12 by thom_stewart

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Yes replied under your other post to say I will get to it later today @noemi

I am also finishing a Catalan piece for @IvanC

Post abouve edited to make sure we are using our resources in the best way