Call for All Festival Participants! Need your help by friday 15/9!

Hi Guys

This is about the big announcement we are making about the OpenVillage Festival on Twitter. It’s called a twitterstorm, it’s happening on Saturday (16/9) and we need your help to make it happen. Please do the following

  1. Add 3 or more tweets on to this list right now!

  2. Make sure that you are online at 10:30 am CET!
    Follow @edgeryders with openvillage

Whaaaaat is this?!?

On Saturday we announce the OpenVillage to the world in style. Through a Twitterstorm!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this format it’s like a massive press conference where everyone is talking to everyone on twitter. Think of it as a flashmob on the internet

The audience participates by opening two twitter windows. One in which they are following the @edgeryders account. In the second one they do a search for the openvillage hashtag and watch the search results.

People who follow the @edgeryders twitter account get the big story about what is happening for those who have never heard about it - told in one 140 character sentence at a time.

People who follow the openvillage hashtag search results get a large amount of tweets from many different accounts talking about the same thing. They get a big diversity of tweets from twitter accounts because different members of the community are telling their own version of the story focusing on what is especially relevant or interesting about the OpenVillage project and festival for them and their audience.

Why should You Participate?

Good for you: You can feature your own project as part of a massive conversation where many people are paying attention. Because you can quickly meet others in the community and get an overview of what is happening. Because together we draw a lot of attention to the bigger story and collective effort to make social impact - you can show how your own work is an important part of big movement and that it should be supported!

Good for everyone: This action is a good way to show people who are struggling to make the world a better place that they are not alone. That there are many ways in which peers are working on the same challenges, and many ways to support one anothers’ efforts.

How to join the Twitterstorm

  1. Right Now: Go to the spreadsheet where we are preparing the materials and make your own contribution in the form of 3 or more tweets here.

  2. On Saturday at 10:30 - 11:30 CET make sure you are logged into Twitter and open 2 tabs. One where you have search results for the openvillage hashtag. Another where you can post your status updates. At 11:00 CET , start posting your tweets and reply to comments or questions that pop up int the openvillage search results.

Want to do more to help?

Yayy! Help spread the word about the twitterstorm. Invite friends to join us by sharing this update and flyer on twitter:

_See you Saturday?! Everything you need to know about the people and projects joining openvillage. We lay out our grand vision for the festival and what comes next in a 30 minute mini-conference on Twitter. More here:

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Yess! Ping @alex_levene @asimong @markomanka @amelia @liz_biospherex @patrick_andrews @albertorey @breathinggames @chrisjcook @maria @costantino @melancon @shajara @bernard @michael_dunn!

You probably got the notice on email already, just making sure you put it in your calendars <3


Thanks @noemi and @nadia. I’m not clear about putting tweets in the spreadsheet. Is the point to make a tweet then put it on the sheet; or to put on the sheet and tweet it on Saturday; or to put it on the sheet and have it (somehow?) automatically tweeted?

The second :slight_smile: put the tweet on the sheet and tweet it on Saturday - or schedule it to go out from your account on saturday (i.e. i’m using Of course you can write your tweets outside the common sheet, but seeing what others are planning is more social - also you can pick up tweets from there already, or just get inspiration, or translate others into a difft language.

Feel free to use what works best for you, and looking forward to catch up!