Hi everyone,

Kate, Bridget and me will facilitate/coordinate the breakout session  CARING FOR THE COMMONS.

We are working on it…

We invite everyone who is interested to join the team!

We are currently thinking about the main themes we might talk about;  we think we are gonna  focus on what the commons are (and language about it) and how we care about them. As specific topics it seems that cultural and environmental issues are the most interesting for our community


1.we would like you to let us know what you think we should talk about 


  1. since every session will begin with two testimonies: any of you wants to share her/his experience about commons within the session as a testimony? (of course we will have the time to talk about different experiences afterwards).

Let us know!

participatiry design and the dilemma of commons

What about adding something about participatory design/participatory communication?

There is a lot of comprehensible research available, and it seems to be policy transferable. PD is a concept connected to commons.

I’d say PD seem to at least partially solve Social Commons Dilemma and lower a risk of Tragedy The Of Commons.

I Should we talk about PD ? I can start by writing a short post, if anyone else is in.


well sounds good!

please write a post about it. I am in!