It will be more down to Earth

In the MTPM session I won’t talk about EarthOS directly. That project is impressive because it’s still a bit utopian :smiley: and I know that “limitation”. (I got listed with that project beneath my name quite unintentionally …).

This project serves however as a framework of thought for me, and I think I could derive a doable proposal from it for an urban setting in economic crisis times. A kind of amalgam of local currency, reuse of unused municipal resources, hackerspace and maker culture and some open design production tech mentioned in EarthOS, with the goal of replacing youth unemployment by DIY prosperity. That’s what I want to discuss with Mr. Maran in this session and evaluate a bit how doable it is. Will mention some practical projects of myself and other Edgeryders as a background and reasoning for this proposal, but thought that talking about an integrated idea is better for discussion than having separate snippets only. Even if the integrated idea will not become reality without many changes and adaptations, as also in the case of EarthOS.

Would be glad to meet you before, and any input is highly valuated :slight_smile: Will hopefully arrive 12:30 or a bit earlier.