Call for Collaborators!

As a call for OpenTechSchool Matera collaborators, this is an invitation for anyone to get involved on the ground in Matera or remotely, using the Viral Academy network to share skills. From teaching your passions to helping translate workshop descriptions for the community at large—or just helping translate this post into Italian—all involvement is welcome. Please feel free to spread and share this call! Comment here, email, or join the FB group to find out more about how you can help.

Overview of the Project

As a node of the OpenTechSchool, we hold weekly workshops on skills related to coding, interactive games, physical computing, mobile app and web design, video production, and more. Beyond teaching valuable skills, OpenTechSchool Matera aims to teach individuals how to teach others - working toward the school’s longevity and existence within a larger, networked community to make learning technical skills easy, fun and social.

What’s in it for you?

(1) Learn valuable skills, like new programming languages and software tools, while facilitating active collaboration and sharing in the success of individual projects. (2) Be part of founding a long-running initiative to further digital knowledge for the local - and global - community. (3) From a website for your business to a mobile app for community currencies, OpenTechSchool offers collaborators full, individual support to get their projects off the ground.

Take Leadership

Developing and teaching new skills, enhancing communication of the project, and fielding interest to transfer the space to the people of Matera.

Collaborator Roles

Workshop Partners

Co-facilitate workshops, helping with basic instruction and translation if needed. Choose skills that interest you and become an expert teacher. Some technical experience is preferred but not necessary.

Workshop Instructors

If you have previous teaching experience or just a strong passion for technology, offer your skills to a larger community by teaching workshops. You can propose any subject of interest, some examples could include teaching open source design software, an introduction to GitHub, or even a discussion about artificial intelligence technology - we welcome all proposals!

Community Managers

Passionate about free education? Want to build the local community? Community Managers should assist in building visibility for the project, using their social network to communicate workshop schedules and bring in new participants.

Levels of Commitment

  • OpenTechSchool Matera runs 2-3 times a week, with the possibility to facilitate one or more workshop each week. Workshops typically last 2 hours with 30 minutes preparation time prior.
  • Work together during the week remotely or at unMonastery to plan and communicate workshops and events.

Key Qualities and Skills

  • Strong belief in the value of free and accessible knowledge
  • Good Italian and English, comfortable helping with translation
  • Ability to recruit teachers and students
  • Strong interest in technology, with prior technical experience preferred
  • Passionate about collaborative education and sharing ideas with others

Sound like a great fit? Or want to become involved but not sure how? Start and share a discussion here, or email Kei Kreutler at to learn how you can help!

how about OTS network?

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What do you think about weaving more connections with OTS community? :slight_smile:

On it!

Have a hangout scheduled with the OTS team tomorrow to get everything up :slight_smile:

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…just joined those groups too.

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