Call for contributions to Chaos Communication Congress- largest hacker gathering in Europe

So it is now time to submit a proposal to the Chaos Communication Congress and I think this would be a perfect opportunity to kickstart the conversation in the relevant hacker communities. @Lakomaa @Alberto myself and others in the Edgeryders were there and can verify that in addition to being ALOT of fun, it is pretty much the most economic way to recruit participants and partners for the project if we do a killer talk which includes an invitation to join us at LOTE5.

The deadline for submissions is September 30. So, who wants to craft a talk proposal with me ? :))


I think I persuaded

@Costantino and @zoescope to go. Maybe we could cook up an OpenCare-related talk with @markomanka?

But wait– were you not supposed to do a talk with Jaromil?

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For the camp this summer but it fell through

Jaromil wanted Amelia and I to do something together but I thought it was a bit vague to be honest. Plus the dates conflicted with my stay in Athens…

I would like to support

I’ve given a bunch of presentations and like to critique and fix them, I know a bunch of people in the scene, and I will very likely be able to arrange for private accommodation in Hamburg for a couple of people.

Most of my personal interests are currently not really in a state that lends itself well to a presentation, but if I can use this as an opportunity to finally go to C3 and help someone else - even better.

Apart from that, I was playing with the idea of getting a couple of not-usual-suspects to join as well. Specifically I was thinking of a couple of techie women from the UAE and perhaps also someone from the cultural/gender field there. I think this could be an enriching perspective and make for interesting discussions. What do you think?

I already have an idea how to dig up a couple of potential attendees/speakers.

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Killer move

I think it is a really good idea. However, we need the “meat” of the talk. The OpenCare proposal helps, but we’d probably need to collect some cases of community driven care services. Also ping @Luciascopelliti.

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