Call for Copywriter for Treasure

We are recruiting a freelance copywriter to join our team in producing communication materials for TREASURE (leading the TRansition of the European Automotive SUpply chain towards a circulaR futurE).

You should

  • Be fluent in English (native speaker)
  • Be very familiar with the ethos, culture, mission and background of Edgeryders.
  • Be familiar with cars including knowing what different parts are called.
  • Have experience in writing technology centric stories (e.g science fiction novels)
  • Be responsive and comfortable with fast turnaround times
  • Have a communication style, sense of humour and tone aligned with the expectations of our Creative Director.

Please send your application to with samples of previous work and a sample of 3 slogans for the Treasure project based on information publicly available on this online platform. If you are already active on the the edgeryders platform or have previously sent us equivalent materials please siimply leave a message in a comment below indicating your interest. We will take it from there.

Deadline: ASAP. We are recruiting on a rolling basis and will engage the first right candidate to show up.

It is part of our work on engaging participation in discussions around circular economy in the automotive industry. Treasure is a research project where Edgeryders is creating a community-driven model of addressing social aspects related with circular design practices. We want to develop new knowledge on how circular economy plays out in society, economy and everyday life, the points of view of the people directly affected by circular economy.

The research results will eventually be published online and made freely available for everyone to read. We are funding this through research grant 722023 from the European Commission (Horizon2020 programme) .

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I’m a freelance writer and b2b journalist who’s done quite a lot of work around the motor finance, auto manufacturing and supply chain sectors. I’ve also worked with EdgeRyders before around the “Witness” card game project (Here’s a sample of the work I did for that: How To Play)
This sounds like a great project to work on.