CALL FOR EQUIPMENT: bring and borrow the missing item and get your LOTE5 ticket!

LOTE5 is now, we know! But we're still missing some important items and looking for ways to borrow them. In case you are a master of Peerby or just have some of these items at your place, comment below and save our lives!

- Tagines: 3

- chopping boards - needed: 24 (Disco Soupe on Saturday)
- Immersion blenderr: 1 or 2
- potato peelers - needed: 20
- Machine à croque: 2
- Videoprojector: 1
- Post-its: as much as you can
- Sharp knives - we need 50 (Disco Soupe on Saturday) --> to chop vegetables

That's it by now, HELP?

Hi, I can bring a machine a croque and post-its :slight_smile:  Would it be okay if I bring them Thursday evening before the Fuck-Up session or would you prefer them earlier?

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Croque monsieur mmm ehhe

Thursday before the FuckUp Night is perfect. Look for me: Irene (0486244096) or just ask at the check in. We will use it though only on Saturday so if you prefer to bring it later let me know.

I have one immersion blender

It’s from HEMA though so maybe it only counts for half

What to bring!

I can bring lots of potato peelers with me! I’ll also bring lots of post-its. I have a tiny USB projector but it might do the trick, am happy to bring that too.

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Potato peelers and post-its check :slight_smile:

When could you bring them?

Thousand thanks



If it is still time, I should be able to help you with 3 tajines and 10 sharp knives and few chop boards. You would have these by Friday. OK?

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When I arrive

I don’t arrive until Friday lunchtime, I hope that will be okay!

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