Call for innovations by public administrations in Creative Industries

This is a call launched by Creative Bureaucracy, a festival we attended last year with @bob and @alberto.

Perhaps relevant for Bologna Foundation for Urban Innovation and their Urban Imagination team?
The Foundation is one of the Reef network partners and an example of advanced urban governance. Of course, if you know of others interested do share: I believe it’s just a recognition of efforts, but nonetheless could be useful.

Thanks @Marina for sharing the call:

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I don’t think Michele has an account here on the platform, so feel free to forward this to him, @alberto.

Thanks @noemi @marina. As you know, the Festival is online this year. I am still involved. If any group wanted to present their work or curate a panel, I could help to arrange this, without you having to bid, or reply to an open call with a jury selection etc. So, please get in touch with me.


This is lovely Bob, glad to see the event is continuing, I found it valuable and important to happen.

I believe Blivande House in particular could be a good case study to present (ping @hampus).
And also Sydhavnen cultural space in Aarhus, contact: Sarah Jarsbo - she did a great presentation last year in one of our events in Valencia, showcasing the tremendous amount of work they did with the public administration. I can put you in contact if you want, though I suspect you might have heard of the space…

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