Call for participation: Edgeryders Logo contest

Starts: 30-September-2011 5:25 p.m. CET

Ends: 4-October- 2011 5:25 p.m. CET

Award: €500

Formats: Vector EPS, PNG & JPG

Send to:

The Edgeryders development team would like a logo for the Edgeryders Project. The deadline for contest submissions is one week from now: 4 -October- 2011 5:25 p.m. CET

Edgeryders is a p2p learning environment where the Edgeryder plays a central role.

Who is an Edgeryder? Someone who walks the blade taking risks in trying out innovative solutions to common problems, that there is no guarantee will succeed. There are different kinds of edgeryders, and we take on different roles in the world depending on our values, personalities, interests and skillsets. Edge-riding as a metaphor comes from extreme sports but Jean Russels post is a good description of what we mean by it. We’re looking for a logo that coveys this in an elegant (simple) way, preferebly using tanagrams.

Project background: Edgeryders is a joint project of the Council of Europe and the European Commission. It is meant as a diverse, constructive interaction channel between European young people and their democratic institutions, and designed along the principle of Internet-enabled massive open collaboration. Its goal is to produce a shared vision of how Europe’s young citizens could claim a stronger influence on our common future – and a larger share of the social responsibility that goes with it. Young people tend to be excluded from labour markets; let down by an education system that seems not to be able to help them achieve full autonomy; estranged from traditional political participation channels; too often marginalised and stigmatised into a social problem themselves. Yet, this same generation displays brilliant examples of creativity, social innovativeness, attitude for collaboration and sharing and generosity. By making use of these abilities, many young people are building new ways to make the transition from adolescence to a full-fledged adult life; they are effectively building the world we all will live in tomorrow. Edgeryders aims to engage them, and every person of any age who is interested in collaborating, in building a shared vision of how we, as a society, could work together to achieve this transition for everybody. The results of the exercise will be presented to the European Commission and the Council of Europe’s member states in a conference to take place in June 2012.

Rules: We are in the space of creating commons. So you have to be ok with us using the winning submissions under a creative commons license on any and all Edgeryder-related material both for online and offline use without compensating you additionally. By entering the contest you also accept that the Edgeryders development team get to pick the winner but does not commit to using the winning submission. Obviously we’re only doing this because we would like to find a logo for the project but can’t commit to using it for a number of reasons that may be beyond our control.

Send submissions to: