Call Summary on Digital Outreach

I am more along the lines of Filip’s questions here - they are meant to reach out to a group with whom we do not usually engage and will be channeled to specific target groups - not blasted out in general.


as said, I spoke as me individually being uncomfortable with that. I as an individual would answer this question about AFD and Pegida with a strong “NO! And wanting to be a “driving force” is problematic in itself”. But just because I personally hold an opinion here and can not really understand how to arrive on a very different one on this topic/question does not make it irrelevant, it makes it probably more relevant, especially in face of the election numbers that do not align with my opinion. However, I still think that it is important to be careful with wording as to not normalize and spread certain claims. But wording it as a question makes sense. It is very hard to do reach out to truly diverse groups, but we want to have a diverse crowd to discuss with. I am sure you guys are able to do this through the right channels and words :slight_smile:

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