Calling all documenters, video-makers and storytellers: briefing session Thursday at 12:00

Hello all, a bunch of people signed up for or shown interest in video/ text/ photo documenting Lote4 and build beautiful memories for those attending. Lots of ideas out already, so I’d like to invite you all to a briefing session before we’re on formal schedule, which as you noticed is quite busy.

So far we have:

@SamMuirhead & @mariabyck for video interviewing (especially about contents of Stewardship & about the Hackathon)

@Theresia, @elviapw, @vgratian for blogging

myself, Nadia, @Kei & anyone who wants to join in, welcome!

Meeting time: Thursday at 12:00 @ unMonastery, before we kickstart Lote4

Updates following team agreements

So lote4 offers two immediate documentation options, to make space for both advanced edgeryders users and pad fans:

1. In wiki on (for immediate upload)

Please be generous with your thoughts and notes by sharing them online each day of the event (you need to be logged in to Note that once you saved, any other Edgeryder can update your wiki.

2. In shared Hackpads (for later blog posts, curation and storytelling)

We’ve created a collection with pads for each conference tracks where you can live share & edit your notes. Unfortunately, good design comes with a pitfall: you’ll need to log in to make edits :frowning: